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Reminders About Renting a Mercedes Sprinter

Renting a used Mercedes Sprinter in Idaho or anywhere in America allows recreational and business tourists to travel in style. Sprinter vans are known for luxury and comfort, which is why they are a popular rental vehicle of choice.

Despite the excellent reputation of the Sprinter, many people experience stress renting one because of matters unrelated to the performance of the van. To reduce the number of issues that you might encounter, avoid these mistakes:

Book Early

Difficulty in the reservation is a challenge that renters face when choosing a sought-after vehicle like a Mercedes Sprinter. Although reliable dealers have lots of vans in stock, it can be hard to select an available date due to high demand.

It is imperative to book early and pay your rental fee in advance to help ensure the availability of the Sprinter on the days you need it.

Expect to Wait

If you work with a relatively smaller dealer, you might not get immediate service. This notion is especially true if you did not reserve a Mercedes Sprinter. You and your friends might have to wait for a while before a vehicle is returned. Even then, it has to be cleaned first.

Do a Pre-Rental Inspection

To avoid being blamed for aesthetic imperfections, evaluate the exteriors and interiors of the vehicle with an agent. This way, both parties are aware of the existing problems there are. If you encounter mechanical issues, return the car immediately.

Find Out What Is Included

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The beauty of renting a Mercedes Sprinter is that it is already packed with amenities, but do not assume that all of the modern conveniences that come with the vehicle are part of the package. Optional features are usually charged extra, so make sure you need them before agreeing to keep them for your trip.

Do Not Say Yes to All Extras

Speaking of extras, they seem practical individually, but their costs can add up quickly. Fight the urge to take expensive accessories, especially when they do not bring value to your travel needs. For instance, a navigation system is practically useless to most travelers since most smart devices already have one or two navigation apps installed.

Another redundant add-on is insurance. In many cases, auto insurers, as well as credit card companies, provide coverage on vehicle rentals. A salesperson can warn you that your insurance might not pay for everything in case of collision, so make sure that you know how far your insurer is willing to go. It pays to research this aspect of the deal in advance to avoid succumbing to sales pressure.

Clarify the Return Policy

Many vehicle renters inadvertently pay a lot more because of misunderstood return policies. Some companies provide a grace period, while others charge a day’s worth of rent even if you return the vehicle only 30 minutes late.

If you are renting a vehicle, particularly a Mercedes Sprinter, for the first time, you need to do your homework to steer clear of costly rookie mistakes. Whatever vehicle are you renting, exercising due diligence eliminates many of the hassles of traveling.

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