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Tips to Avoid Being Scammed by a Rental Car Company

Holidays should be a period to explore the world, unwind, and relax. It could mean hiring a car, finding the undiscovered scenery, getting off the track, and exploring the less traveled roads. However, renting a car can result in frustration and often lead to ripping off.

Although it’s possible for a worker to commit an honest error in favor of his or her rental car company, you want to protect yourself from any deliberate or erroneous attempt to get scammed. You can do a lot of things to keep scammers at bay whenever you are looking for a self-drive rental car in Manila. Follow this guideline to protect yourself from car hire scams:

Get Insured

You might need to read the exclusions and fine print of the policy carefully if you decide to purchase an accident cover from a rental car agency. However, note that incidents such as a tire burst are less likely to be covered in case anything happens. Your automobile insurance policy or credit card could be covering you, but check with the rental car company to ensure that the card includes that rental car insurance.

Inspect the Vehicle

It is crucial to walk around the car and inspect its outside and interior condition before hiring it. It could include the carpeting under the mats, trunk, floor mats, bumpers, glove compartment, tires, grilles, and even what is underneath the vehicle. Rub any minor scrape with a cloth or finger to make sure that it is not a scratch before you make any payment. Alternatively, take a video or photo or write down the location if the spot is indeed a noticeable scratch.

Obey Traffic Rules

speed limit sign

After hiring the vehicle, you become responsible for it, so observe all traffic rules. Although this may sound obvious, you could be surprised with an extra fee or fine upon returning the vehicle if you were recorded speeding on a highway. You should exercise the same caution anytime you are driving on a road with hidden cameras.

Report Damage Promptly

Of course, it is common sense to park a rental car in a space where other motorists are unlikely to damage it. However, if someone causes damage to your vehicle, record the license plate and call the police immediately for filling a report. If possible, ask the person who has caused the accident to give you their insurance information.

Test the Vehicle

You might need to test every component of the rental vehicle before driving off. Ensure that all electronic components, windshield wipers, lights, fluid, and turn signals operate correctly. Remember that testing is for your safety and protection from being scammed by a rental car company.

However, note that some rental car agencies can be more stringent than others. Your car rental experience is likely to be unpleasant, especially if you are charged more than your expectation. These mistakes could be due to your negligence or an honest error on the part of the rental car company. However, you can do yourself a favor and avoid all these inconveniences by preparing before renting a car.

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