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Why You Should Read Short Stories To Your Children

These days most children have become dependent on gadgets. Sometimes when parents get too busy, they resort to internet and television shows. Allowing this can become a problem later on. Here’s why reading stories to them helps develop their brain and skills.

The Importance of Reading Short Stories to Children

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One simple reason short stories are good start for children, especially toddlers, is that they are easy to consume. Reading to them as early as possible will help develop their interest in books and reading. They will soon realize that this is a good source of information, and reading more will be substantial in their education and other skills. Plus, reading stories also introduces them to new words, and so it helps widen their vocabulary and strengthen their communication and writing skills.

Reading short stories can also be a form of relaxation and entertainment for children. This helps them practice staying put while they listen to stories. Some children also like being read to before they go to sleep.

What Stories to Read to Your Children

Parents sometimes wonder what books to get for their children. Which ones are interesting enough to catch their attention? Are the short stories relevant? With the variety of books available, it can get really overwhelming.

It is safe to stick with the classics but it would also be good to check out different short stories.    Some short stories include the concepts of shape, numbers, alphabets and colors. These stories are useful for pre-toddler and toddlers. Meanwhile some stories may teach about manners, personality and responsibility.

There are also stories that explain why some things happen and how to better understand the world. This helps them make sense of situations they are in. Some stories teach virtues and how to cope with their feelings. Children may develop and understand their own character when they read something that they feel like they can relate to:

The Three Little Pigs

Hansel and Gretel

The Frog Prince

The Ugly Duckling

The Princess and the Pea

The Lion and the Mouse

Jack and the Beanstalk

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Little Red Riding Hood

Encouraging children to read helps stimulate their imagination, curiosity and creativity. They learn so much when they read. It also helps them become independent when they know how to entertain themselves with stories.

Plus, reading to your children does not only help with their development, but is also a great way to bond. This activity also give you an opportunity to answer any question you kids might have about the stories you read them. Encourage them to ask questions and be curious..

We are lucky that we do not only have physical book stores, but online book stores as well. Online book stores are so convenient because you get to browse the books through the internet when you do not have time to go to an actual book store. This also gives you more time to go through the books and decide which ones to get. So, go get that book for your children. After all, one can never have too many books.

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