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Business Signs in the Digital Age

Considering how easy it is to advertise online these days, is buying a sign business franchise or opening your own signage business still worth it? Why, yes! Good old business signs might not have the flashiness and the extra features of a boosted social media ad, but they do offer real benefits that many business owners continue to swear by. It is thanks to these benefits that business in making and selling signs remains relevant and profitable today.

Here are the advantages that business owners get from traditional signage:


The most obvious benefit of a business sign is how it announces where the business is located. Brick-and-mortar businesses need something that will tell their customers where to go to obtain the product or service they need. Nothing else does this better than a traditional sign.


There is no doubt about the immense reach of the internet. The beauty of online advertising is that it lets you tap into customers you could not have reached using traditional means, especially if they live far away from your locale. But what if you run a small business? A sign delivers information across your area of operation, right where your intended customers are.


Social networks and other advertising media are easy enough to use. As long as you’re willing to learn, nothing will stop you from getting a good grasp of the basics within a week or two. However, mastering them is another story altogether. You’ll need to use the right content, manner or delivery, and, in the case of internet-based advertising, technical specifications. A sign, on the other hand, is as simple as simple can get. Business owners only need to come up with a design, have it made, and display it in front of their store.

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Offline operation

Newer modes of advertising are handy, but they’re not too convenient in the absence of electrical power or an internet connection. Signs have very little to offer in terms of extra features and advanced capabilities, but they work offline as exceedingly well as they do online. Even with neon and electrical signage, there is very little cause for worry as long as power in the area is stable.

Age group

Businesses catering to older customers can benefit much from traditional signage. Even with more and more people going online, younger individuals still comprise a large percentage of Internet denizens. A sign will do just fine at attracting older people who are not too savvy with gadgets or those who do not rely much on electronics for information.


You can advertise online at no cost, but you’ll need to pay money if you really want to enjoy all the benefits the internet has to offer. As with print and other advertising media, the amount you spend is only good for a certain period, and you’ll have to pay more for continuous exposure. Signs are inexpensive; business owners just need to pay a one-time fee for a sign that will last for a long time.

Making people aware of a brand can now be done through varied and creative means, but signs will remain relevant. That said, a business still has considerable potential to succeed and be profitable.

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