Why You Should Check Your HVAC System Now

If you have a heat, ventilation and air conditioner or HVAC system in your home or office, chances are you’ve already experienced a few malfunctions before. Neglecting to maintain your HVAC system may lead to malfunctioning vents or valves. This will not only make the temperature fluctuate and make everyone uncomfortable but also lead to higher energy use and more expenses.

Fully optimizing your HVAC system, instead of simply maintaining it, offers more benefits. Some small modifications can minimize repair and maintenance charges. Switching to a pressure independent control valve or PICV can help an HVAC system work more fluidly.

Low Risk, High Reward

A regular valve would sometimes disrupt airflow due to changes in pressure. On the flipside, PICVs give optimal control through the usage of an actuator. It is capable of abrupt changes in pressure, making it conducive for round the clock usage with precise temperature control. Since it’s acting as 3 different valves in one (differential-pressure control, regulating, and 2-port control), it’s more efficient for the HVAC system to work.

PICVs also save more in terms of energy consumption since certain types of valves will no longer be necessary. This also makes for a more comfortable environment and less fluctuations in the temperature.

Easy Installation

HVAC installation

Labor costs will be reduced significantly as the PIVC can stand on its own. You no longer have to install multiple valves at once. The total pipe length will also be shorter as the PICV is more compact than others.

No Overflows or Underflows

Regular valves will sometimes overflow. When this happens, other terminals will not get a proportional flow which causes a delay. This can be a problem because of the uneven distribution of air or water. A PIVC can easily fix this issue by allowing proportionate flow throughout all terminals, all while cutting down the time air needs to reach a certain area.

It’s Cost-Efficient

Contractors will not have a hard time installing PIVCs since it already eliminated the need for single-purpose valves. Labor costs can be significantly cut by up to 50% and also saves on time. You can always go and consult trusted local contractors and providers as to which PIVC will be the most compatible with your current HVAC system.

Some people think that fixing a damaged appliance or home utility would save them more money, but it is hardly the case. In many instances, hiring a professional saves you more time and money. Most people who try to do their own home repairs often find themselves spending too much time and money on fixing a damaged heater or pipe. Sometimes, they might even use the wrong material or parts when fixing their HVAC.

Constantly looking for ways to improve HVAC systems and other equipment can pave the way for a more comfortable home environment. So if you think you can’t manage a regular repair schedule, why not focus on constant improvement? It’s always better to invest in optimization rather than on repairs, especially if you want the best overall experience.

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