Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality with Natural Methods and HVAC Options

Indoor air pollutants are putting families at risk for chronic respiratory illness and acute allergic reactions, which may be fatal for some. It may not be enough to increase outdoor air flow toward the interior. What if where you live, the quality of outdoor air is a problem as well?

When it comes to home ventilation systems, New Zealand HVAC companies would have a few options in store for you. Let’s consider all possible avenues. Hobbyists are engaging in specific activities that increase the concentration of indoor pollutants.

Of course, dust particles, dead skin cells, and decaying insect exoskeletons would already be present, but if you use a kerosene heater, or if you paint, solder, or weld indoors you will be adding potential sources of air pollution.

Consider performing hobbies that increase the number of indoor pollutants outside of the house, but if it’s not possible in your setting, it makes sense to find ways and means to ensure breathable air that does not compromise the health of household members.

Natural air movement

Some people may argue that natural air movement is the best method to reduce air pollutants. It can be as simple as opening doorways and windows. This may be true, but it may not always be a realistic prospect.

Yet, if your area suffers from frequent outages and power shortage, you might want to hold out on a new air conditioner purchase. Instead, explore areas of infiltration and maximize the movement of air in all the rooms of the house.

Air from the outdoors that is more dry and cooler than the air inside the house should remove indoor pollutants effectively and maintain a cool temperature as well. To funnel in a fresh breeze, you can still plant additional shrubs and a handful of young trees in the yard. If your land area is limited, a few pots of fragrant herbs on the window sill should help your cause.

Advancing your options

Kitchen fans and exhausts can remove some of the contaminants that could potentially cause illness in your home. Window and attic fans would allow better outdoor ventilation. Booster fans can remove doors effectively.

However, these devices would have a limited effect on the entirety of your home. A whole-house system that removes stale air while drawing fresh air from the environment is a better fit. Moreover, this kind of system would keep the pressure within the house in an adequate balance.

Using specific configurations

Man checking vent filter

A filtering system reduces the volume of contaminants circulating in your home. However, they will only work for you if the filters are in good condition. A periodic checkup would reveal a need for replacement, which you must never delay.

While considering whether you are ready to invest in air-to-air heat exchangers, you must consider their primary benefit. They are heat recovery ventilators capable of bringing the outdoors within the walls of your home.

Promoting good air quality is simple enough if you can allow fresh air through the doors and windows of the house. When natural means are limited where you live you can invest in a mechanical HVAC system.

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