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What to Look for When Buying a Sprinter Van

Camper vans are the most ideal vehicles when doing short or long travels. Traveling along Idaho’s high country roads is surely breathtaking. Going from city to city, from state to state, with your camper is truly an adventure that will forever be cherished. What more if you travel with a Sprinter van?

Owning a Sprinter van is both a luxury and a responsibility. Acquiring one, whether new or used, or for travel or business, demands a sizable amount of money. Maintaining it is even more challenging. That is why it is key to be critical when looking for a Sprinter van for sale in Idaho. The tips below should greatly help.

When Buying a New One

A new van always gives you the high. Peering over magazine or online ads of vans already takes you away, as if you are already riding one. But the process of buying a new one requires time, not just money.

  • Budget – Of course, having the funds almost always solves the problem. However, will you get significantly poorer after buying a new van? If yes, be more realistic. Try buying a used one. If you have enough, you can definitely feel that steering wheel in your hands.
  • Search – Whether online or in person, you can search for the right van with little trouble. Do diligent research. Whether for travel or for business, a Sprinter van should be a tight fit for what you do. Also, there has been three iterations of the van since the 1990s: the original 1995-2006 model, the 2006-2014 model, and the 2014 model. When you finally chose a shortlist, talk and haggle with the salesperson productively.

When Buying a Used One

Lined up sprinter vansBuying a used Sprinter van can have great benefits. You spend less, and sometimes you will not be able to see any difference from a new one. However, a used van is a used one. Thus, check every part of a van you are eyeing before you buy it.

  • Body – Pre-owned vans should be checked for scratches, dents, and chips. Check the windows. Look under the hood. See if the belts and hoses have signs of wear on them. Look for rust as many Sprinter vans are used for delivery, being left under the rain or the sun during long travels.
  • Engine – Doing a test drive and engine diagnostic will tell you if the van was well-used. Get a feel of the van and listen to how the engine roars. A diesel engine diagnostic tool helps in identifying issues with the engine. Also, perform a hard-breaking test to see if the van veers when you step on the break.
  • Service History – The service history will give you a list of the past problems and solutions made to maintain the van. As mentioned, Sprinter vans are used mainly as delivery vans. The wear should take a toll. Check if the filters are changed. In case no service history is provided, haggle for a lower cost; otherwise, look for other used vans.

There are many things to consider other than what has been mentioned above. A Sprinter van is a superior vehicle, and the benefits of having one are ample. It is an extremely reliable camper van that takes you to what your business or your travel wants you to be.

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