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Types of Outdoor Advertising in the Philippines

Outdoor advertising is a form of advertising that aims to reach clients where they are, outside their workplace or homes. Outdoor marketing is fast and impactful as it reaches a broader audience. Many companies can maximize their reach through outdoor advertising. You should be one of those who does. If you want more insights, Here are some forms of outdoor advertising:

Billboard advertising

Billboards are big posters displayed in the most popular sites. The signs have a type of advertisement that appeals to huge crowds. Almost 71% of consumers in the Philippines have attested to viewing at the messages on billboards placed along the roadsides. Therefore, this is a clear indication that using billboards is increasingly helpful to sales conversion. Here are the three common types of billboards.


Taxi billboard close-up at nightBillboards do not have to be in printed media. The marketing style and graphics can be seen on trucks, commuter buses, and other mobile cars. Mobile billboards have become a more popular form of outdoor advertising since they are playful, economical and cost-effective. When driving on the road, you might lose attention to the road once you see a unique vehicle. Mobile billboards aim to catch attention when you do not expect it.


A lamp post banner is another common form of outdoor advertising that is usually noticeable by street lighting when darkness fills the world. They are designed in a banner style that makes people pay close attention to the sign at night. Typically, a lamp post banner is mounted on the street or parking lot. Ignoring this type of outdoor advertising is hard since they are attractive.

Static billboards


Static is a form of outdoor advertising that targets motorists. When you sit and wait at traffic lights, you are exposed to some sort of outdoor advertising. In most cases, consumers will make shopping decisions while in their cars. However, this type of marketing is not meant to be forceful and straight in your face. The billboards are subtle and more welcoming to clients.

Guerilla advertising

As the name suggests, guerilla advertising is an unconventional means of advertising that has a shock factor. To use this marketing tactic, take an existing product in public and then add it to the environment. However, be careful about how you do this because it can be considered as vandalizing public assets. Guerilla advertising is economical and emphasize on the creativity and drive for innovation. If you plan to advertise on a budget, then this form of advertising is the best way to create influential ads.

Transit advertising

Tourists and people who reside in urban areas use public means of transport. During the commuting period, every person on the train, bus or any mode of transport are exposed to the type of content in the vehicle. Transit advertising is mostly seen on trains.

Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective ways to market your business in the Philippines. Because of the high number of people exposed to outside influence, advertising outside is the best and economical means to convey a message.

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