The 3 People You Need When Settling in Your Cabin in the Woods

There’s nothing quite like having a cabin to yourself in the woods. It’s a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of it all, and if you pick the right location, you have access to fishing, hunting, and even some light farming to get back into the root of nature and take some time to rejuvenate like Ron Swanson. That said, you’re going to want to make sure that everything is set up just right, and though you may want to go it yourself, it could be of great benefit to you if you call up the right people:

Your tree expert

Yes, much of the beauty of having your secluded cabin is being right in the midst of lush trees all around you. That said, you may be considering whether you should cut some of them down, keep them as is, try to check their health, or plant some new ones. If your area is bare, you may want to consider transplanting some trees that are native to the site or starting with seeds if you have the time and patience.

Otherwise, consider calling up a tree surgeon to see if the trees nearest to you are actually in good health. It may seem like it could be an afterthought, but dead or dying trees can be pretty treacherous. They could fall and topple on you at any moment at worst and become riddled with pests at best. Those considerations are essential if you don’t want a damper on your cabin getaway, so have them checked if you haven’t visited in a while.

Your plumber


Another thing to consider is the plumbing. Without regular maintenance and use, pipes can start to display many problems, especially with changing weather. A myriad of problems could arise, from toilets that won’t flush, showers that leak or won’t run properly, or burst pipes to dripping drains and frozen fixtures. On top of that, this could also affect the temperature regulation inside your cabin.

If it has seen a long period of disuse, you’ll want to have the whole place checked for good measure so that any immediate repairs or adjustments can be made before you get stuck with an immediate problem. Plus, you may find this fixes any smell issues you might have noticed.

Your ranger

It’s just right to have this number handy and to get an update on recent events in the area to make sure that your security isn’t compromised. After all, as relaxing as the woods can be, it’s not exactly the friendliest place to be stuck in without help if there are dangerous individuals lurking about or wild raging animals on the loose. Even if you have a sound security system installed and can handle yourself, it’s still just wiser to have this precaution before putting down your bags. At the very least, they can help give you updates on nearby points for any supplies you might suddenly need, and they can give you some tips for trails, hunting, and any accidents.

If you have these numbers on hand, you can ensure that your cabin vacation will be much smoother all around.

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