Home Plumbing: Is It an Emergency or Not?

Residential or commercial plumbing services range from minor to major repairs. Your plumbing system could be having clogs, leaks or any other complications, which require the attention of an emergency plumber.

Do you have a plumbing problem? Are you able to identify whether it’s an emergency or not? This article highlights various types of plumbing issues that can be categorized as emergencies. If you’re experiencing any of them, don’t hesitate to contact an emergency plumber in Orem.   

Broken Water Pipes

Broken water pipes can result in massive damage to your property. Unfortunately, fixing broken pipes involves a lot of work and expertise, making it a bad idea to conduct a do-it-yourself repair. 

To fix broken pipes, a plumbing professional might require digging beneath your floor to get to the root cause. However, you can mitigate damage by turning off the water outlet from your main water supply to reduce the chances of flooding.

Water Heater Leakage

Due to minimal or non-usage in the hot season, most water heaters tend to fail when you need them the most during winter. Dealing with messy leaks and freezing water can be devastating. 

It’s advisable to observe regular water heater maintenance and ensure that you have one scheduled just before the onset of the cold season. However, in case it fails, it’s highly advisable that you contact a plumbing professional for diagnosis, repair or replacement of your water heater.

Gas Leakage

plumbing leakage

This is the most dangerous plumbing problem, as it can cause a fire or an explosion in your property. If you suspect a gas leak in your house, start by shutting down the gas from the main valve before calling a plumber. 

You also need to evacuate your property before getting help and during repair. Ensure that the plumber handling the problem knows and understands how to manage gas leaks to avoid future leaks and subsequent accidents.

Sewer Blockage

Unfortunately, sewer line blockage causes massive destruction to your property due to flooding. Once you detect or start noticing a sewer blockage, shut down your water supply from the main water valve immediately. This will prevent further accumulation of water that causes more damage to your property. After a successful repair, take all the precautions necessary in avoiding sewer line blockage.

Bathroom and Toilet Plumbing Failure

From time to time, your bathroom or toilet might clog up, a problem that’s relatively easy to fix. However, if the entire plumbing system fails, it might wreak havoc in your home, leaving you with huge bills on home damage remediation. As such, as soon as your toilet or bathroom starts to clog, engage a professional plumber to fix the problem permanently.

Plumbing emergencies can be expensive. While you have no option but to deal with them, the cost involved can be both overwhelming and frustrating. This is why it’s essential that you observe your plumbing maintenance schedules as advised by your plumber. This way, you’ll hardly ever be caught in emergencies. However, if it happens, be sure to call your emergency plumber at whatever time of the day and save your property.

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