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Staging Your Home for the Post-COVID-19 Market

Home staging showcases the best assets of your home for selling. The goal is to impress potential buyers and make a high profit from the property by highlighting a home’s most attractive features.

The months of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic have permanently transformed the way people live. These changes will also reflect in home buyer preferences post-COVID-19. To make a quick sale, your home staging should clearly reflect these new wants.

But First, Make Necessary Repairs

External upgrades are key to a successful home staging, but without a sturdy foundation, you will not make a good profit on your old home. Inspect the property on your own and make repairs before even moving on to the staging.

One area you should pay attention to is the house’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Employ a service to replace and install the boiler to ensure the home has a functioning heating system. You should also have the vents professionally cleaned.

Plumbing is also another area that may require attention. The conditions of these will greatly affect the asking price of your home, so do not overlook them.

Important Features to Include

In a post-pandemic context, buyers will want to see these specific features in the homes they are considering.

Home Office

A Gartner Inc. survey shows that 74% of companies are permanently shifting to a remote work setup. With interested home buyers likely doing the same, you should help them envision themselves working in a specific space in the home.

Make sure the space is set up in a comfortable, private area that makes work conducive. While dedicating a whole room is the best, you may also create desk space in a nook with ample privacy.


The pandemic has made people extra conscious of the things they are bringing into their homes. Homebuyers will want a mudroom that allows them to disinfect clothes, shoes, and shopping items before going inside the house.

If there is no mudroom, improvise an area either by the garage or the house’s porch. For your staging, set up a bench or table with disinfectant wipes, sprays, or alcohol to give visitors an idea when they take a look at the home.

Porch or Patio

Since people have been staying at home for many months, they will look for outdoor spaces to relax in. Set up an inviting seating area on the porch because this is one of the first areas they will see upon their visit. Curb appeal will dictate their disposition towards the rest of the areas in your home.


As for the patio, install a fire pit and showcase cooking equipment and the seating to simulate an experience. Add a few homey touches such as a throw and cushions to make the areas look more inviting to the home buyer.


Plants are a small detail, but making them a prominent presence in your staging will work in your favor. Add little bits of greenery inside the house to give your rooms a feeling of refreshment.

Make sure the plants you use are understated to not distract from the features of the whole room. You also don’t have to stick to just green plants. Bits of color from flowers will also make a room more appealing.

Other Tips

Aside from presenting the various uses of your home areas, there are also standard practices you should follow to stage your home to success.

Keep it neat.

Don’t overwhelm the space with too much furniture and “personal” touches. When staging a home, you are helping home buyers imagine themselves living in the space. Keep the decorations and pieces to a minimum to make rooms look spacious.

Before a scheduled viewing, do some last-minute sweeping and wiping to make everything look presentable. Keep unnecessary clutter away from drawers, cabinets, and other storage, too, as these are areas that viewers might look at.

Keep it lit.

Take advantage of readily available light in every room, especially natural light. Use light fixtures and mirrors to contribute to the lighting in various areas of the house. White LED bulbs are safe choices to brighten up a room.

83% of real estate agents agree that home staging makes it easier for potential buyers to see themselves living in a house. Home staging should not be an afterthought for marketing your home. It should come as an essential step in securing a sale.

Marketing a home in the post-pandemic era will require flexibility and quick responses to the preferences of buyers. Be prepared to do virtual tours before viewings, and understand that sales may take more time during the adjustment period.

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