COVID-19-Proof Your Home: Tips for Cleaning Your House

Self-quarantine and isolation have become the new normal for the past few weeks in several parts of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has turned the world upside-down. We are at the mercy of an enemy that’s invisible and, at this rate, seems invincible. We are left with no choice but to come to our own rescue and protect ourselves from the disease that has already claimed tens of thousands worldwide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and other medical experts and professionals have issued statements on how best to prevent the further spread of the sickness.

Proper handwashing and observance of hygiene. Social distancing. Staying at home. These are the simplest things we can do to keep the virus at bay.

We have listed a few tips to keep your home free from the virus and keep you and your loved ones safe.

Basic Household Cleaning

  1. Give your garage, driveway, and walkway a good power wash. If you’re thinking, “Where do I look for a store that sells a pressure washer near me?” there are websites that sell them so you don’t have to go out.
  2. Clean and disinfect your house as frequently as you can.
  3. Wash your hands before and after cleaning your home. Make sure you wash them properly.
  4. Use sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content.
  5. If you don’t have any disinfectants, look for other suitable replacements or DIY solutions online.
  6. Use different cleaning water for different areas of the house.
  7. Soak your cleaning rags, mops, and sponges in hot water after use.

Cleaning Tips for Different Areas of the House

High-Touch Areas

High-touch areas are those places and objects around the house that people touch the most. Doorknobs, drawer handles, fridge, TV control, keys, phones, light switches, and a whole lot more. Determine which objects and areas at home are frequently touched by people and religiously disinfect them.


Ensure that your food preparations are safe from any virus or bacteria by keeping your kitchen disinfected at all times. Keep your kitchen sink, countertops, silverware, utensils, and other surfaces clean before and after each use.


It is reported that the coronavirus stays longer on wet surfaces so after using your towel, put them outside under the sun to dry. Clean the water taps, the sink, handles, holders, mats, and the bathroom floor.

Cleaning countertopBedroom

Clean all surfaces around the room and disinfect all high-touch areas like the TV, remote, drawers, lamps, switches, and other similar stuff. Replace curtains and bed linen as frequently as you can.


Any clothes worn outside the house should be immediately soaked in warm water with disinfectant before throwing them into the washing machine.


Other than the different areas in your home, make sure you also sanitize some personal belongings and accessories you frequently use.

Putting preventive measures in place helps lessen the risk of getting infected by the virus. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Stay healthy. Stay home.

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