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Recruitment Pointers for Small Business: Saving Time and Money

Are you a small business that is preparing for a new development? Then you are likely looking for more employees to expand and improve your services. Recruitment can be a difficult and taxing job. While there are many people without jobs, not all of them have the qualities you are looking for. Those that are skilled are likely looking at larger companies.

Fortunately, there are some tricks you can do to improve your search without having to spend so much.

Maximise referrals

Studies found that 45 percent of employees hired through referral stay longer than four years in a company. If you are looking to create new job positions or add more team members, check to see if your existing team has someone in mind. Hiring through referral can greatly reduce the time spent posting, screening, and interviewing the person. Time spent waiting for an applicant is money wasted.

This method makes filtering through applications a lot faster. Sometimes, those that bulk send applications in online job posts, and you’re not even certain if it is a real person or a bot. Referrals can assure you that the person is not just spamming listings. These referrals also have a proven record of being competent, especially if the reference person is known to be an excellent employee.

This is a great way to reduce costs on recruitment. Waiting for someone to apply and doing the whole interview process can be a waste of money because they might not qualify. In other cases, the person hired ends up not being as competent as their resume says. This way ensures that you have at least one reference that you can ask.

Hire recruitment experts

Another option for you is to go to recruitment agencies and firms. They make the process simpler by screening and analyzing each application. All those that don’t meet your minimum requirements are already ruled out, so all that is left on your part is the final interviews. Agencies also have an existing pool of resumes, so less time is spent because they can reach out to those people.

You can take it a step further by looking at specialised agencies. These are agencies that focus on a specific kind of industry or field. For instance, you can look for web developers in tech recruitment agencies or look for an accountant with a finance recruitment specialist. Results can greatly improve with them because their team is composed of those already in the industry. Unlike most HRs who have no specific specialisation, these agencies are reviewed by those in the same kind of work. That means they know what to look for and what to ask.

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Go to niche communities and groups

Normally, you would go to hiring platforms to post job listings. However, this might put small businesses at an advantage because big-named companies will always have the edge. Aside from that, many pay for promoted job posts and premium subscriptions that help them improve their search results.

What you can do is go to niche platforms and groups to source your new hires. There are multiple niche platforms for specific fields of interest that will give you more results. Think of it as something like targeted recruitment. You are posting in a place specifically for these kinds of professionals. Facebook groups and freelancer websites are a great place to start.

There is a lot of incentive to hire people in these communities. For one, being part of the group shows that they have a vested interest in their line of work. These groups aren’t just for beginners and novices. A lot of professionals and experts with years of experience go to these groups to offer advice. You can also easily attract their attention because the number of posts in their groups is significantly fewer than those in LinkedIn or Indeed.

Attract hires with benefits

Recruitment is a lot like an advertisement as well. If you want to attract the best people, you should offer something that should attract their attention. This can be a good salary, travel benefits, or development opportunities. Employee benefits are also good ways to attract people. Good health and dental benefits are surprisingly difficult to come by these days.

If you are a startup, then flexible hours and remote work are good employee benefits. People would jump at the idea of going against traditional work environments. Other benefits that can be added are discounts on brands and products. Get creative with your benefits but also stay realistic.

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