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Office Refurbishment: Doing It With a Limited Budget

Your company is likely making plans to reopen its offices. But you don’t want to welcome back your employees with the same old office. Think of it as a fresh start so you should do some refurbishing so that your people don’t feel like they are returning to the grind.   Here are some tips on how to effectively do so without breaking the bank:

Clean Up Everything

One of the cheapest and most effective refurbishment methods for your office is to clean up the office a bit. Decluttering the office is a major change and can have great results. It is a lot more complex than vacuuming the floor and wiping down the desks. The essential idea is to take stock of everything in the office and evaluating their use. If something is not useful or has no purpose anymore, you should get rid of it in some way. Sell it as a second-hand to get some funds for the refurbishment or donate it. The important thing is to get rid of it so that you can have a cleaner-looking office.

Change The Floorplan

Another simple method to refurbish your office is to completely change the floor plan. COVID makes this easier. Experts are rethinking the open office space and are making suggestions on what would replace it. Nowadays, it would be a bad idea to crowd people together or keep them within six feet of each other. Depending on how big your office is, you might need to space out desks and put up some barriers between occupants. A changed floor plan can also mean more things to remove so that they won’t clutter up the place.

Get Some Drywall

Installing some drywall can be the perfect solution if you want individual rooms and divisions for the office. Better than an actual wall, these thick panels are also easy to install with the help of an experienced and licensed general contractor. The plain white color also helps since it makes them perfect for getting a good coat of paint. It is not just the walls you can have drywall on. You can cover the ceiling with it, too. Thanks to its lightness, it can help with providing recessed lighting and also make your ceiling look a lot better.

Adding New Technologies

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You should also consider adding some new technologies to your office. The main aim would be to make things easier for your employees to do their job. One nice example would be to finally move away from cables. If your company has not gone completely wireless because of the hassle then now is the perfect time to implement it. Besides allowing your employees to connect from anywhere in your office area, it gets rid of all the cables that clutter up the office. It also allows for wireless devices like tablets and phones to connect and be part of the local network. Another interesting technology that could work is a better communication network for your employees so that they can work smoothly with each other.

Aim For Comfort

Another thing to note when you are trying to renovate is that you have to aim for comfort for your employees. Ask your employees for what they want to see in their new office by sending out surveys about what they feel would make them more comfortable. You should also remember some of the more common complaints that your employees might have had when they were working in the office. For example, they might have complained about uncomfortable seats or bad lighting. You can easily fix these with a change in office chairs and LED lights.

Choose Value For Money

All the changes may sound expensive but you can keep the costs down by focusing on value for money. For example, if possible, you should be buying in bulk which should greatly lower the costs of the purchase. Package deals from suppliers are some of the best value for money that you can get. Additionally, if you are looking for furniture, it doesn’t have to be brand new. Secondhand desks can be just as effective as brand-new ones. Aim to get items that will last a long time so that you won’t have to replace them quickly.

A fresh new office is a good thing for your employees to see. They will have gotten used to working from home and you need to attract them back to the office. Ensuring that the place looks great and they are comfortable is a solid first step in doing so. If you follow the tips above, you can also ensure that you won’t be spending too much on it.

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