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Full-Scale Home Renovation: Plan for the Family

There can be many reasons a home needs to undergo a full renovation. Immense damage is a major one. You also have to reinforce down the foundation if you want the house to maintain resiliency against the weather or earthquakes. Sometimes a homeowner can have a change of heart and want to update or change the looks or the floor plan of the house. It could be that they figured out how to optimize the space better, and the only way to do that is to do a major overhaul. Since this is a major undertaking, it is something you and your family should plan together. You have to talk about the merits and costs of the project, and also think about your upcoming actions when the work on it starts. It will be a huge effort, and here are things that everyone has to think about as you manage the renovation process.

Scheduling the Renovation

You have to treat a complete home renovation as if it is a new building project. That means you have to look out into the future and see where it fits in your family’s schedules. It will definitely affect your work, as well as your children’s time at school. So if you are thinking about proceeding with the project, you have to make do with what the best timing for everyone will be. It will not be perfect, but you have to pick when it has the least impact on everyone’s responsibilities.

If you can afford to hold off on the renovation schedule, try to have it done during the school break. This will be good for the kids because it will be one less thing for them to worry about. Doing it in the middle of a school semester could make them distracted with it all. Although this is a positive development, you still have to keep a tab on things like moving out or moving back in. That can be physically demanding for everyone, what with all the stuff you have to haul back and forth.

Find a Place to Stay

The house will not be inhabitable as there will be major construction work going on during the renovation. You have to decide where you all are going to stay while you wait for its completion. Renting a house nearby is a good option. It will only ask minimal adjustments for you and your family. Not only that, but your proximity to the site will allow you to check its progress whenever you want. You can get in touch with your contractor if you want to understand what is happening in more detail.

A more expensive option will be to stay in a hotel. This is ideal if the renovation is projected to be finished in a quicker time. Maybe the work done is significant enough to be classified as a major overhaul, but not on the same level as most full-scale renovations. If that is the case, this construction will probably finish in a shorter time frame. You can take this chance to have quality time with your family and staying somewhere fancy. When you finally get back to your house, you will still be riding high on your just-concluded staycation.

Packing Your Things

packed house items

Renovating your whole house is akin to moving into a new one. That said, you also need to get your stuff out whether you are going to rent nearby or go on a holiday. The question is, are there stuff that you can leave behind so you can pack as light as possible? The answer to that is yes. You mostly need to take valuable personal things like clothes, phones, toys, gadgets, or jewelry. You can leave a lot of the heavy ones behind if you will be going the hotel route. Otherwise, you will need a hauling service to take your fridge, beds, and couches to the place you will be renting. You could be worried about the security of it all. For that, your contractor should be responsible for the things you left at your house. If your mover figures into unexpected circumstances that led to damaging your items, you can reach out to a truck accident lawyer to determine the actions you can take against them.

Returning Home

After you have spent a few weeks away from your real home, you must be excited to come back and see how it looks like after the renovation. But before moving back, you can do some preparation in your newly-renovated house, so moving back in will be a breeze. If you have everything figured out, you can go ahead and enjoy the beauty of your new home, sort of.

Whether you are renovating your house for aesthetics or structural improvements, it will be a significant adjustment for you and your family. Ensure that this is something that you have thought out well, and it does not interfere with your responsibilities as a working person. But all the effort and sacrifice will be worth it, for the result will breathe new life into your home.

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