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Office Furnishing and Lighting to Improve Working Environment

The office can serve as a second home to many. Though it’s a place for work, employees still like to be comfortable in there. In addition, their work performance may also improve if the office has an inspiring environment. Customers and guests who visit the office for appointments would have a positive perception of the company when the layout, furnishings, and lighting are inviting and professional-looking.

In Melbourne, Victoria and other places, office fitouts are available, from high-quality office partitions to desks, chairs, and sofas, to name a few. If you think your office design is the culprit behind lacking productivity, it’s about time to make changes that everybody at work has been hoping for.

Reception Area

Being the first area in the office that everyone sees, it’s important to design the reception area as a cordial and pleasant place. After all, you only get one chance to make a good impression. This applies to companies, too. When you’re inviting applicants for an interview or potential clients for a meeting, it’d be preferable to greet them in a reception area that has an engaging layout and furniture.

Balance is key to achieving a sleek yet functional seating area. If you’re going for modern decor, you don’t want to go overboard and compromise comfort because of a sofa’s complex design. The sofa or chairs should complement the office’s overall vibe. Consider the area’s size as well. The seats should not eat up too much space, so you can add more important elements, such as an umbrella stow, coat rack, and rugs. You may also put a small table with magazines, so visitors can have something to do while waiting.

For the lighting, balance is also important, particularly between creativity and functionality. The reception staff should have sufficient lighting to do their work and the visitors should have bright and airy lights around them.



As the busiest part of an office, the workstations should not just be kept neat and tidy, but also designed to inspire and motivate. Desk and chair options should not be taken lightly. They should be ergonomic, or else your employees would feel uncomfortable, irritated, and uninspired to work. Opt for adjustable desks and chairs, and as for the latter, select something with lumbar support to minimize back pain during long hours of sitting.

For partitions, try lowering them or making them clear. Privacy is important, but making a friendlier environment with open partitions can make your office less intimidating. It would inspire more interactions and collaborations without entirely affecting employees’ productivity.

Natural light should also be invited at workstations. Glass partitions and mirrored accents will do the trick of reflecting more light and spreading it around. If that isn’t an option, use artificial lights that best mimic natural lighting and get creative with it, too. Try adding lights under cabinets and other hidden areas at workstations.

Conference Room

This is where most brainstorming and critical meetings take place, so aside from a large table with several chairs, it’s also necessary to consider improving its design. Equipment must be complete, from the simplest to the most technical. The area would also benefit from having a space for food and drinks, especially for long meetings.

The conference room is also where lighting becomes crucial. Instead of completely relying on fluorescent lights, allow natural light in. Artificial lighting may repel creativity, and natural lighting does the opposite. To make better decisions in your conference room, locate the room somewhere with a huge window where lots of sunlight can enter.

With these furnishing and lighting recommendations, you can provide a better work environment for your employees. When employees feel inspired, their productivity will significantly improve, earning you as an employer more satisfactory feedback, not to mention higher profits, too!

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