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Implementing Changes to Office Layout and Design: Reasons and Ideas

There are several reasons a company might want to improve the layout and design of their office workplace. Their main goal may be to improve employee productivity, as better design can increase employee motivation and focus. But well-designed and properly maintained work area can also encourage employee health and safety, and present a good first impression for applicants and clients checking the business out.

Open Concept

An open concept office layout promotes good communication. This can mean fewer doors, more open doorways, and less restrictive cubicles. The layout can foster a greater sense of teamwork for employees. It also encourages openness for employees when they deal with and conduct problem solving on large projects.

Healthy Habits

Employees can benefit from the implementation of standing desks. These can improve posture and minimize the negative consequences associated with sitting while working all day. Companies can encourage healthy eating habits with the snacks they provide employees. Healthy vending machine snacks and filtered water, for instance, can reduce the likelihood that employees continue to eat and drink junk food.

Shared Spaces

Cross-team collaboration triggers innovation. Other departments can offer a fresh perspective to a team and give them new ideas when they’re dealing with a difficult problem. Companies can help make this happen by designing shared workspaces where multiple teams have the opportunity to openly discuss their ideas with each other.

Clean Environment

A cleaner workplace encourages employee productivity. It allows employees to direct their focus to their work and reduces potential distractions. In addition, a clean, germ-free, and uncluttered workspace promotes health. Companies can invest in scheduled janitorial services for their commercial property. This way, germs and dust particles are eliminated before they can spread around an entire office and make employees from different departments sick.

Cleaning should include bathroom services. The workplace bathroom is used very often throughout the day and tap handles pose significant risk of spreading illnesses.

Kitchen Area

a well designed office pantry

The kitchen or pantry can serve as an area for a team and for clients to meet up and discuss ideas in a less formal setting. The more inviting a kitchen area is, the more a business is able to set themselves apart and reach solutions for dealing with their concerns.

Inspirational Posts

Some companies have a dream wall in their workplace. It’s a space for employees to write their dreams down on a wall. They’ll see it as they walk into the office every day. It can improve their productivity by serving as a reminder for them to work on their dreams while they’re working.

The business itself can also put up a vision statement in the workplace hallway. It can reflect the company’s main goal or dream. It’s a way for the brand to remain grounded and for employees to recognize the vision they are hoping to achieve.

Clean and efficient workspaces are worthwhile investments, no matter the type of business being run. It’s an important step for allowing customers to see the business in a good light and for the company to experience higher profits with improved productivity.

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