How to Keep Your Office Tidy

A clean and neat office lets employees work more efficiently. You can’t have any peace of mind when you see clutter and litter everywhere. This is why it’s essential to keep the office space tidy. Here are a few handy tips to help you get started:

Provide bins

Emphasize that the trash must be properly disposed of and segregated. Keep containers near the desks or in hallways and common areas. This way, employees can easily throw their trash instead of letting it sit on their desks. You can buy recycling bins online and promote a “green” office.

Keep cleaning equipment in common areas

People will be more likely to clean up office rubbish when they see a floor broom nearby. There will be not much excuse if the bins or the cleaning things are just in front of them.

Keep cleaning materials such as dishcloths, kitchen sprays, cleaning liquid, and towels where people can easily see them. Place them near areas where they are likely to be needed the most, such as the communal kitchen.

Assign tasks

Another way of making employees more proactive about making the office tidy is to assign them specific responsibilities. It doesn’t have to be a full-on cleaning job. Just ask people to take responsibility for specific tasks.

It’s better to make cleanliness a group effort by letting everyone participate. For example, create a rule that the last one to use the kitchen must be the one who will neaten the place at the end of the day. Suddenly, the “it’s not my job” response is useless.

Let people do their bit

Make a point of reminding people that their desk area is their responsibility. As such, they should keep it neat and clean. Ask them to wipe down their desks if they must eat there. Tell them to throw trash away immediately, especially when it comes to food, to avoid the buildup of odors or bacteria.

You can put up notes on their desks reminding them if the space has become too messy. People find it annoying, but you need to instill discipline to maintain cleanliness.

Be a good example

Always keep your desk space organized and take pride in its neatness. If you don’t do this, then you can’t expect anybody else to follow. Once you make a point of keeping everything clean, others would be more likely to take after your example, especially when they realize how cluttered their space is.

Make it a habit

Encourage people to make it a habit to clean up their desks at the end of the day. Having a neat desk in the morning helps in increasing work productivity. You will know where to find the things that you need. Plus, you won’t have to spend several minutes clearing away any desk space at the start of the workday.

Keep track

Modern office with white theme

Stay on top of issues before they get worse. No matter how much you hate dusting or wiping down, they are necessary to keep a well-maintained office. Create an office cleaning checklist so that you can note down everything.

Once you have a list, do an office inspection and see if certain areas have been neglected. Include hard-to-reach areas in your review, such as beneath the sofa or the back of filing cabinets.

A neat office is a sign of a place where employees care. Having a clean workspace contributes a lot to productivity and team morale, so make sure that yours is tidy. These tips should help you achieve peace of mind in the office.

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