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How to Deal with Squatters on Private Land

Dealing with squatters and trespassers can be difficult and alarming. As a property owner, you would want your property to be safe and secure at all times. Besides, trespassing is illegal, which means that as a legal property owner, you have all the rights to evict them if they are invading your property.

Today, we will discuss a couple of tips on how to handle trespassers and squatters before hiring traveller eviction bailiffs.

Alert the Police

The first thing you should do is to call the police. If you see someone suspicious or you have found out that they set camp in your area without your permission, then call the police immediately. You can try talking to them first to resolve the issue, but most of the time, it can be quite difficult to plead with squatters and trespassers.

Never try resolving anything with violence, as this is definitely not the answer. Always hand the situation over to the police and let them handle the issue.

Filing a Lawsuit

You can also try serving an eviction notice once you find out that squatters and trespassers are in your private property. If they still do not respond to this or they refuse to leave the area, then go ahead and file a lawsuit. You can talk to a lawyer or check your state and local laws about what you need to do and which court you need to file the case in.

Take note that you also would have to attend an eviction court hearing, so if you are not prepared for this or you want to avoid this type of conflict, then try your best to talk to them first or call the police before serving them an eviction notice and a lawsuit.

Have Them Evicted

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Winning your case means that you can have the squatter removed from the area immediately. You can hand the documents over to the police and have the squatters or trespassers removed from your property immediately. Remember that you might have to pay a certain fee for this task, so be prepared.

You will also be asked what you want to do with the belongings that were left by the squatters, so make sure to handle that properly. You can talk it out with the squatters and hand it over to them or dispose of everything yourself, but make sure that you are legal to do so.

Hire a Bailiff

If all else fails, then go ahead and try hiring a bailiff and have them deal with the case. Make sure to hire a team that is understanding and approachable and one that would not cause any unwanted trouble or commotion. Hire ones that are sensitive enough, yet efficient when it comes to doing their jobs.

You would want to hire someone who has years of experience when it comes to dealing with evicting with trespassers and other similar cases. These are sensitive and quite difficult to handle, which is why working with an experienced professional is a must.

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