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Mistakes that Landlords Make When Evicting Tenants

When property owners build their property and finally have tenants, evicting the tenants is usually the last thing on their mind. However, when a tenant breaches the contract, a landlord has no other option but to remove them from their premises. The process of evicting tenants is not an easy one and can even get messy. When a landlord works with a property management company in Centennial, Colorado, the company handles the eviction process correctly. It does not make the mistakes that most landlords make when evicting tenants. Some of these mistakes include:

Emotional Abuse

Landlords invest in properties and expect returns. When a tenant fails to make the payments, the landlord may find themselves in a verbal exchange with the tenant. What most landlords do not know is that whatever you say is valid as housing discrimination evidence. If the tenant goes to the state regulators, they will win the case against you. You will end up paying legal fees and other settlement fees. The same thing can happen when the tenant exchanges rough words with the landlord.

Cutting Off Utilities

It is easy to want to cut all the utilities that a tenant who is not paying rent is using. That would make them uncomfortable on the premises and force them to move out. The process is known as constructive eviction and is an illegal action in most states. Eviction needs to follow the right legal procedure. Either the tenant can leave normally, or you will have to take the case in a court of law and win.

Taking Partial Payments as Rent

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When a landlord accepts a certain percentage of the rent amount, they give up rights that affect an eviction process. It is important for a landlord to separate their emotional attachment and business. Partial payments may apply for long-term tenants. However, word will go around, and another tenant will expect similar treatment. Thus, to be fair to all, do not take any partial payment from the tenants.

Not Hiring an Attorney

An eviction process involves many legal procedures and can be weighty for a landlord. Any mistake you make during this process will come back to you at a later date. Also, tenants hire attorneys to help them through this process. Landlords should not take any chances either. Eviction attorneys understand the different stages of evicting a tenant and the right steps to follow.

Withholding the House Deposit

House security deposits are usually separate from the rent payments. Therefore, even if an individual has not been paying rent, they deserve a refund of the deposit when moving out. Failure to issue the deposit to the tenant is a violation of the law and will land you in more problems.

Evicting tenants is usually for the good of the landlord. Nevertheless, any mistake before and during the process can result in severe and expensive errors. The mistakes can cause the tenant to extend their stay and as a result, lower your rental income. Property management companies in Centennial, Colorado help property owners handle all the aspects of their property, including evicting tenants.

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