How Professionals Take Care of Drainage Pipes

You got these pipes snaking around your home, doing their job quietly until they decide to act up. That’s when you need the help of drain cleaning specialists. They’ve super-cool ways to fix pipes without having to dig them up.

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It’s like magic. Instead of breaking everything to fix a broken pipe, a plumber can use a special technique called pipe relining.

Imagine a blue sock pushed inside an old, broken pipe with air pressure. It comes with a strong, sticky resin that hardens like a rock. So, when the sock gets pushed in, it sticks to the inside of the old pipe, creating a new pipe inside the old one. But before the sock goes in, the plumber checks the old pipe to make sure it’s ready.

They use a tiny camera to look inside the pipe for cracks or leaks. Then, they clean the pipe with water and a special brush that spins fast. This brush cleans out all the nasty stuff that gets stuck inside pipes, like hair, dirt, and even cooking oil. Once the pipe is clean, it’s time to put the sock in.

Manufacturers make the sock using a felt material. The plumbers cut it to exactly the size of the pipe. Then, they use a giant vacuum to suck all the air out of the sock. Doing so makes room for the special resin, which is like superglue but even stronger. Plumbers mix it by hand and pour it into the sock.


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