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Have Your Contractor Do These 3 Flat Roofing Maintenance Works

Among the parts of every commercial establishment that require periodic maintenance is the roofing. Without proper upkeep, the roof could leak and cause serious problems inside the establishment, including costly damages to furniture and appliances. But perhaps the worst possible result of roofing leaks are some visibly irritated customers.

If you own a commercial establishment with a flat roofing system, it’s critical that you hire a competent company that specializes in modern commercial flat roofing system in Midland, MI or anywhere your business is located in the state. Such a contractor usually handles the installation of the client’s desired flat roofing system but can also take care of other needs, such as roofing maintenance and repairs.

With a flat roofing specialist working for you, you can expect your roofing to remain in excellent condition all year round so you can avoid problems that could affect your daily operations and reputation.

Here are three maintenance jobs that your contractor should perform to keep your flat roofing in great shape:

Periodic visual inspections

By performing visual inspections of your flat roofing at least once or twice a year, your contractor can actually help you avoid potential repairs. This is one upkeep trick that would require a professional as it would entail a detailed survey of your roofing system and the components of your building that are connected to it

Here are some of the issues that your contractor should be on the look-out for:

  • Visible leaks. These may be observed on the attic, walls, and other internal parts of the building
  • Damaged components. Your contractor should look for obvious damages to the vents, shingles, roof membranes, pipes, gutters, chimney, and the attic
  • Corrosion. Corroded flashing and other metal components are a sign of roofing problems
  • Loose or missing parts. These may include nails and caulks

Prevention of ponding or accumulation of water

Ponding occurs when rainwater stays on one part of the flat roofing where it could cause damages through corrosion or leaks. How can your contractor avoid this problem?

Your roofing contractor can prevent this from happening by simply ensuring a proper gradient or pitch of the profile, as well as keeping gutters and downspouts free of debris and other materials that could hamper proper drainage. This would entail periodic removal of dry leaves, sticks, soil, and other small debris that may get lodged over time and cause waterlogging or ponding.

Proactive repairs or replacement

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They say that prevention is so many times better than cure and in the case of flat roofing maintenance, this is absolutely the case.

Through periodic inspections of your roofing system, your contractor should be able to note damages and potential causes of problems. By noting such issues, your roofing contractor can perform the needed repairs or replacements of identified components such as membranes, shingles, gutters, downspouts, and flashing.

These jobs would require great expertise, the right equipment and tools, and high-quality replacement parts to get the best results.

Keep in mind that keeping your clients happy is not an easy job. And while for some, the roofing is not an exactly critical part of it, the truth is that it is. With this, be sure to have your trusted flat roofing contractor do these three maintenance jobs and other tasks that are necessary to maintain its excellent condition.

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