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Types of Wallpaper Suitable for a Commercial Setting

Wallpaper is a highly sought-after design option for both residential and commercial interiors. This is due to its vast design options and functionality, which turns your office space from boring to motivating. In modern-day design, there are plenty of designs, textures, types, and applications of wallpaper. This article highlights various types of wallpaper used by commercial interior designers when designing business spaces in Melbourne.

Textured/Embossed Wallpaper

This category can be made from honeysuckle vine fibres or woven grass. In some instances, these types of wallpaper are coated using a satin sheen to achieve a glossy reflective appearance. Metal-based wallpaper is also popular with aluminium or any other metals applied on the surface of the paper. However, note that due to the intricate nature of this paper, it needs a highly specialised application process. As such, all instructions must be followed as per the manufacturer’s word, while keeping in mind that the wallpaper will be the focal point of your room.

Fabric Wallpaper

White fabric

Also referred to as flocked wallpaper, fabric wallpaper is slowly gaining popularity in commercial setups. It is manufactured by introducing another coat on the surface of the adhesive paper. This extra coat could be of small bits of nylon, wool, polyester, or any other fabric material of your choice. It comes in both soft and hard textures to suit the theme and feel of your commercial room. Since it cannot be cleaned, it is advisable not to put it in high-traffic areas. Spare it for reserved areas such as executive offices.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Most of the modern types of wallpaper are made from vinyl. Vinyl owes its popularity to its durability. Additionally, it is splash-proof, so it does not keep any errant stains. It is also strong and scuff-proof, unlike past models that rip off easily. Vinyl is available in plenty of options, which include fabric-backed vinyl, solid vinyl, coated vinyl, and paper-backed vinyl. Solid vinyl is pre-pasted, so it is the easiest to apply. Coated vinyl, on the other hand, is the easiest to remove. Paper-backed vinyl requires a lot of care, so it should be applied only by a professional. Fabric-backed vinyl is the best option for high-traffic areas, so it is the best option for commercial settings.

Non-Woven Wallpaper

If you are sensitive to environmental considerations, then this is the wallpaper option suitable for you. It is entirely non-vinyl. Additionally, it is easily washable and breathable; therefore, you do not have to face the risk of mould. It is relatively easy to install and remove, and it does not tear up. It comes off in one long and continuous strip. As such, if you need to remove your wallpaper for structural purposes, you can easily do so and put it right back.

A great commercial interior design idea must begin with powerful inspiration. This is what a commercial interior designer should provide you with. When selecting the type of wallpaper suitable for your office, consider factors such as the decorations that you will need, level of traffic in a specific room, ease of installation, ease of removal, and general cleaning.

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