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Elements You Can Use To Match Your Office Desk and Chairs

The look of your workspace is the primary aspect that determines your productivity. Few people would feel enthused about spending at least eight hours per day in an office that looks boring. They will drag through their day and cannot wait to go home. This also presents a real challenge for those who work from their home offices. Decorating an office to reflect your style and maximise productivity is no doubt essential and will solve most of these issues.

Furnishing with the right office chairs and desks, among other furniture, is also an essential element of your workspace’s look. Most business owners focus too much on décor then picking simple, functional furniture pieces. This dampens your entire office look. One way to boost the aesthetics of your office is to match the desk to the chair since these are the primary furniture pieces in your space.

Here are the elements you can coordinate to create a matched furniture look:


Clashing colours for the desk and chair will leave your office looking like an eyesore. You need not go for the same colours for them, but tones that complement each other. You, for instance, can get a red chair to match a silver desk or a vibrant green chair and a stainless steel-topped desk. You should, however, remember that vibrant colours might not work in conservative fields. Neutrals like browns, greys, blacks, and creams work best for these offices.


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Just like residential spaces, workspaces are also decorated around a theme to create a harmonious look. It would be best if you thus aimed for desk and chair styles from the same category. If, for instance, you get a regal desk, get chairs in classic and traditional styles. The thin legs and tops of a modern desk, on the other hand, are best matched with chairs in sleek finishes and thin legs. If you want to break the monotony of one style, you can have a cabinet or side table in another style.


Too many materials in your furniture leave your space in disarray. Flat metal legs for your couch will, for example, hardly match metal legs on a coffee table. If you choose metallic finishes for the edges of your desk, opt for the same finishes for the sides of your chair. This way, the chair will not look like an afterthought.


You would not use tiny dining chairs for large imposing dining tables since these will look ridiculous. In the same way, you would not want a too short or tall chair for your office desk. This is, however, not just for aesthetics. You, after all, cannot get much work done with your knees banging the desk or when straining to reach things on top of your desk.

You might assume that furniture does not hold as much weight in your office’s décor. When designing an office, every element contributes to your look. With a focus on the features mentioned, you are sure the chair and desk will make rather than break your perfect office look.

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