Effective Strategies to Motivate Your Sports Team

Everyone is passionate about something. Whether it’s the arts, sports, or any tricks that make people laugh, there’s always a reason why people will do anything their heart’s desire and be great at it. Surely, passion is a fireball of motivation and a source of determination that keep people moving forward.

What about when those days of yore comes, and you can’t seem to explain or determine why you seem to be demotivated? Is it because the fire isn’t there anymore? Or maybe you just need a good eye-opener to ignite the fire once again?

Whatever the reason may be, motivation is essential in keeping sports players fueled to win and achieve greatness. So, how should coaches motivate their players without bombarding them with nonsense pep talks and cringey antics? Motivational speakers from sports speakers bureaus let out some of their secrets.

Recognize team efforts and outstanding plays

Not just the big and game-changing ones, but the little ones as well. This may be giving a pat on a team player that sets up the pass so that a center can move forward and shoot the ball in a tense game. Or, giving out props to someone in the team for acting as a body shield because somebody is setting up a dirty play to a team captain. All those things matter. Each one of them is vital for the success of a team. Recognize all of their efforts to show that you appreciate them.

Listen and get insights from the players

coaching basketball

Just because you are a coach doesn’t mean you know it all — unfortunately, you don’t. Socrates once said that “True knowledge is found in acknowledging that you know nothing at all.” This is true when it comes to sports teams.

Your approach may not be working, and you need your players’ inputs to make the “winning play” work. You can even ask for feedback as to how your coaching style affects their style of play. Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all thing. It’s more of learning how to work with diverse personalities, gameplay, and approaches and mashing it all up to work as one.

Communicate the importance of having a role

In team sports, one player may lose interest not only in the game but in the whole group as well because they may feel insignificant. As a coach, you are responsible for letting that person know that they matter — that without him, they cannot achieve anything.

Yes, other people may be more talented or skilled than they are, but always tell them that it’s not an excuse not to work harder in improving himself and the team.

Serve as their role model

Most of the time, aspiring sportsmen look up to someone as their influence. To make these players listen and take instructions from you, show them first that you got what it takes to be someone they can aspire to be. Teach them the value of good sportsmanship, how collaboration works, and camaraderie. Instill the importance of finding happiness in everything they do.

If all these seem not enough to motivate them, maybe it’s time to sit down and listen to a motivational speech to find the perfect way to inspire your team. This will help them find their drive once more and come back stronger than before.

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