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Best Practices for a Recession-proof Contractor Business

Contractors are essential contributors to the economy. Without these professionals, homes, establishments, and offices will fall apart. Owning a contractor business is a popular choice because it’s very profitable. But before getting too involved, you need to ensure that you can establish a contractor business that’s going to last or grow the company that you already own.

The best way to go about this is to make your business recession-proof. We have listed five practices to give your construction business a boost.

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your company

Conducting regular assessments of your business can help you keep track of everything. You can start by asking yourself questions like:

  • Is the company financially stable?

  • Do you frequently get customer referrals?

  • How secure is the site set up in your construction projects?

  • How do consumers rate your company and customer service?

You can get answers by paying attention to what people say about your company, reviewing your books, and talking with your staff and employees. Once you find the areas that need improvement, focus on those before expanding your business.

Make yourself available

Your potential customers want to talk to actual people during regular business hours. So even though it’s hard for someone to handle phone calls all day, practicing this is necessary. One way to do this is to send business calls to your cell phone when out of the office. Even if you can’t get to the phone, you can call your customers back much faster.

If you want to avoid confusion, state your business hours on your company’s websites, social media, and cards. If you close at 5 PM, a customer does not have the right to complain that nobody answers the phone at 7 PM.

Step up your marketing game

Successful marketing campaigns are not about generating new leads. They’re about securing more lucrative projects and keeping your existing customers happy. Today, that means having an active online presence. The best way you can convert prospective customers is to interact with them through social media, blog posts, and emails. Show them how your business solves their problems.

Improve Your Setup

Improving your construction site setup keeps your business at top condition. These improvements include keeping areas lit and installing cameras to deter thieves, displaying safety signs around the site to alert people there’s construction in progress, and posting fire safety rules around the perimeter of your business. These improvements can protect your business from thieves and ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

Attract more funding


If you’re just starting your contracting business, like most small-scale contractors, you may not have enough finances to expand. Cash-flow struggles because of payment delays from customers are common. So it’s your responsibility to ensure your business stays at top condition.

Keep organized and detailed records of your business to access lines of credits or secure overdraft protection. You can also find an excellent small business loan based on your business’ current needs.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have an existing empire, making your business recession-proof ensures maximum profitability, so follow these best practices to make the most of your business.

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