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An Overview of Wall-hung Vanities

Floating vanities are fantastic bathroom elements that are becoming a common sight in commercial establishments.

It is not hard to fall in love with them. They usually magnet the eye because they do not touch the floor. These fixtures also have a minimalist vibe, which can make any space less overwhelming visually. They bring a sense of depth to the room, making it seem larger than it is.

However, honest bathroom vanity manufacturers will tell you these leg-less cabinets do have some drawbacks. Below are the most notable ones.

They Might Cost More

Nine times out of ten, wall-hung vanities are costlier than their floor-mounted counterparts. They seem to have less material, but their prices are generally inflated by hard labor.

Professionals will say that floating vanities require particular skill and unique components to suspend them above the ground without compromising structural integrity. To ensure flawless artistry, you should not just hire any crew.

In hopes of keeping the gap between them and the floor, thoughtful plumbing is a must.

Moreover, you can’t use floating vanities without finishing the floor. On the contrary, the surface underneath legged cabinets can stay raw. The space below wall-hung vanities in each bathroom does not seem a lot, but it will add up and jack up your final construction bill.

They Provide Less Storage Space

white themed bathroomGenerally, the space you give up to create a gap that renders the floor visible is the storage you lose. You can’t always increase the height of the vanity to make up for it. In commercial bathrooms where upper cabinets are rare, you need all of the areas you need to keep the space clutter-free.

Of course, storage space is hardly an issue if you have a designated place for essentials outside the bathroom. But if you desire to stash supplies away in one location, you might want to use legged vanities.

They Attract Danger (and Damage)

Without legs, vanities could cave in and fall to the ground when tremendous pressure is exerted. Make no mistake about it, adequately installed floating bathroom fixtures are designed to carry the weight of an adult.

Children and senior users are usually not heavy and strong enough to cause leg-less vanity to sag. But still, you should not rule out the possibility. With poorly installed vanities, such a scenario might not be as remote as you might think.

When catering to the needs of people with mobility issues, though, a vanity with ample space at the bottom is necessary. Since you only need to ensure that the gap can fit a wheelchair in, the vanity does not need to be completely leg-less. In this case, you might need a floor-mounted cabinet to get as much storage space as possible, for the vanity will be set lower than usual.

It should go without saying that you should think about specific users when choosing the vanity style for each of your commercial bathrooms. If you have plenty of floor space to begin with, you might want to go with legged cabinets to make life simpler.

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