5 Awesome Perks of Home Automation

Imagine coming home from work tired. As you enter your property, the garage doors automatically open so you can park without getting out of your car. Upon entering the hallway, the lights almost magically turn on while your home entertainment system automatically plays your favorite playlist.

It sounds like a scene from a sci-fi movie, right? Only that it’s an experience that a growing number of property owners have been enjoying for quite some time.

These days, such homes are called ‘smart homes’ due to their extreme levels of automation powered by cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). The country’s second-richest man, Bill Gates, has a $127 million mansion that has some pretty cool automation technology included, such as hidden speakers that follow guests from one room to another as pre-set music is being played.

But you can also have specific automation done to your home, so you can devote your time to other important things once you step inside your property.

Here are five benefits of home automation that you can enjoy:

Hands-free operation

Home automation

There are automated motorized window shades that move up and down according to the owner’s pre-set schedules, as well as lighting systems that turn on and off depending on the movements that the sensors pick up. The beauty of these automated home components is that they allow you to operate them without lifting a finger.

These modern home components have sensors that trigger activation while others have parts that record owner’s settings and then activates when the recorded parameters have been met. With the hands-free operation, such home automation products are a big hit among property owners.

Increased security

Another great benefit of home automation is increased security both inside and outside of the home. There are many security cameras with motion detection capabilities that you can buy and install in your home. These products can send alerts to your paired smart device and even offer remote viewing when connected to the internet. You can also have smart door locks that you can open or close remotely, so you won’t have to give physical keys to other people such as maids or nannies.


There are insurance companies that actually offer discounts on premiums to homes that have some degree of automation. In addition, smart homes operate at least 30% cheaper than homes that do not use smart technology. While you may spend a considerable amount of money at first, the long-term savings that you will enjoy will pay for such an investment.

Energy efficiency

Hand in hand with big savings is just how energy-efficient smart homes are. Because appliances and fixtures can be programmed to turn off when there is no occupant and to turn on only when the sensors detect movement, there would be little to zero energy waste.


Finally, almost every feature and benefit of smart homes ultimately boil down to convenience. Smart devices that seem to talk to each other, operate on their own and be activated or manipulated from miles away. These make things easier for property owners to save precious time and energy that can be devoted to other tasks.

Truly, the homes of the future will incorporate more automated technologies that will make everything more efficient, economical, safer, and convenient for people. Get a headstart soon by investing in smart technology for your property.

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