Why You Should Invest or Live in Guelph

Four seasons, great healthcare, a vibrant economy, a diverse population, and freedom “to be”; these are the qualities anyone would be glad to have in the place they call home. And with the state of the world now, it seems the country that holds the best promise is the sprawling and storied Canada.

But while moving to Canada might be exciting and full of promise, moving there (especially from out of the country) can be a bit daunting, especially since all that glitters is not gold. The best way to make your move a cinch is to hire a realtor that can make your Canadian dream a reality. Here are some things to look for when making the move and finding the right realtor:

1. Consider the cost of living

The Canadian government subsidizes a lot for its citizens, most famously its healthcare. But the cost of amenities and just daily purchases like eating out or clothes shopping can be pricey, especially when you add up the taxes which aren’t included in the prices you see. A good realtor will be able to find you a town that still accommodates your needs without breaking the bank. As seen in Guelph, which boasts a great economy, schooling, safety, and housing at a much lower cost than in bigger cities like Toronto or Vancouver.>>

2. Make sure your realtor get you

Let’s say you want to buy a new house in Guelph, Ontario. You might not always be able to visit the locations. This could mean you could easily overlook the details you are very particular about. At the same time, a house that seems perfect for a realtor might turn out to be the wrong fit for you. Mitigate this situation by turning to a realtor you can trust. They might have the experience but if they’re sincere, hard-working, and on your wavelength, that will certainly lessen the probable backs and forths.

couple searching on the internet

3. Do your research

This might seem like an obvious tip, but we don’t just mean research online. More importantly, research by asking other people. There’s nothing like the power of word-of-mouth, so bank on that as your resource. This applies to both the city you are looking at moving to and the realtor you’re thinking of onboarding. Some things that look impressive on paper or online, might not connect with you in real life. The best questions to ask are whether or not schooling is nearby. What healthcare providers do they have if you have specific needs? How does your profession translate abroad?

While Canada does have a vast number of possibilities, you still need to know the processes and amenities a certain location has in regards to you and your family. For example, some places require you to be re-trained and then re-accredited for you to be able to practice your profession. Think about this before you choose where to move, as it may affect your livelihood.

Moving to Canada is a great way to experience first-world comforts in a liberal and multi-cultural country. Make the move easier by partnering with professionals who can show you the pros and cons, and ultimately, provide you with the best home for your family.

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