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Why You Should Consider Investing in Tabletop Conveyors

tabletop conveyorsTabletop conveyors help to move products from point A to point B. They are conveyor chains made of a series of links and slats to form a structure that looks like a bike chain. The links are then guided on a path made with wear strips typically made of impregnated wood or oil. The pieces are secured with metal frames supported by the floor or hung from the ceiling.

The simplicity of the tabletop conveyor allows it to be versatile for different applications. One can even use many lines in a single frame to create extra space for products. There are specialized variations that use helical twists and grippers. Whatever the case, the conveyor will serve you with the following benefits:

Fast transport

Using a conveyor will make sure that your goods are transported fast and that this happens consistently. In a production facility, moving goods will need to adhere to protocols based on time. That way, you will be able to keep up with inventory. A conveyor belt delivers capabilities for many functions and removes the need to use other machines such as forklifts. Secondly, human labor will be put to a minimum, reducing the need for constant supervision.

Long life

A conveyor system will serve your business for long. It is durable even when used in busy production facilities. Most of the conveyors in use are formed with carbon steel and stainless steel with plastic chains. These materials make it possible to use the system in straight running or as a side flex, alongside different configurations, and still have it bear the grind for decades.


Conveyors are manufactured to be able to work, regardless of the environmental condition. They can work in a wet or dry space and not be affected by friction or moisture. This is a benefit derived from the strength of the system during construction. The metallic parts are often finished to adapt to any weather conditions.


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Steel, which makes up the conveyor, enhances its physical properties. For example, it is easy to adjust the guide rails of the system. Due to the design, one may load objects of different sizes to the conveyor belt. Alignment is also not an issue because the objects hold to the belt correctly. Even if some parts of the belt fail to work, it is designed such that transport will continue.


Conveyors have the potential to hold items. The objective of the conveyor in design is that it contains items, creating space to place other things. That is to say that the system allows you leeway when there are many goods to move in a short time.

As a business, buying a conveyor is not a venture to break the bank for. Even maintenance is little because the sturdy belt needs minimal repair. Since the belt is often automated, you can maximize money used over labor. As such, the conveyor guarantees high returns for your business. Achieving efficiency in an assembly line has never been easier.

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