Home Extensions: Why You Should Consider it For Your Home

  • Home extensions offer increased living space, higher property value, and customization benefits.
  • Americans spent an estimated $400 billion on renovations in 2021.
  • Popular renovations include kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, decks/patios, and window/door replacements.
  • Home extensions are cost-effective solutions compared to buying a new home or moving.
  • An attic conversion, garage conversion, conservatories, and patios are popular home extension options.

In recent years, more and more homeowners have been considering adding extensions to their properties. Extensions have become a great way to add value, space, and functionality to a home. This trend has increased due to the pandemic, as people work and spend more time at home. Home extensions have become an excellent solution that is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners.

Renovation Trends in The U.S.

Americans are estimated to have spent over $400 billion on renovations in 2021. This is a huge jump from what was spent in 2020 and shows the growing desire of homeowners to improve their homes. People are investing in their properties, as renovations can increase property value and make homes more attractive and functional.

The most popular renovations are kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, adding decks and patios, and replacing windows and doors. However, one of the most profitable options is home extensions.

Why People Are Doing More Home Extensions Today

People are building more home extensions in their yards today. Here are some reasons why:

Great extension for home

Increased Living Space

Home extensions offer homeowners a chance to increase their living space. This added space is perfect for families, couples, or individuals who require additional living space. It eliminates the need to move out of a home that has grown too small for its needs. Extensions can be designed to meet the homeowner’s needs, be it a new room for the growing family, a home office, or a recreation room.

Increased Property Value

Home extensions can increase the value of a property. Adding an extension allows homeowners to add value to their homes without selling and moving to a bigger property. This is an excellent investment for homeowners, as they can sell their property at a higher price if they decide to sell it in the future.


Extensions can be designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner. Homeowners can choose the design that best suits their needs, whether modern or traditional. They can also choose the material they want, e.g., wood or bricks, to ensure the extension blends perfectly with the existing structure. Customization is an excellent benefit of home extensions, and homeowners can create a unique and personal touch to their homes.


Extending a home is more cost-effective than selling and purchasing a larger home. Home extensions are an excellent option that avoids moving costs, such as stamp duty, removal, and legal fees. It’s also cheaper than buying a new home. Homeowners can save money by extending and adding value to their property.

Ideal Work-from-Home Space

The pandemic has made working from home the norm for many. Home extensions provide the perfect solution for working efficiently from home. Homeowners can choose to add a home office, a gym, or a workshop. It allows individuals to separate their living and workspace, providing them with a suitable workspace during work hours without disturbing home activities.

Best and Simple Extensions For Your Home

Certain home extensions are better than others. Here are four of the best home extensions for your home:


One of the most inexpensive but still effective home extensions is a patio. This can be done in a day and instantly adds value to your property. A patio provides the perfect outdoor living space, allowing you to entertain guests or relax outdoors without leaving your property. To get started, consider looking for some robust outdoor porcelain paving slabs. These slabs are slip-resistant, durable and come in various colors, adding a great look to your extension.

Conservatory for home


A conservatory is ideal for those who want more natural light in their home. It brings the outdoors inside and can be used as an extra living space or dining room. Conservatories are generally considered to add more value than other home extensions.

Garage Conversion

Another cost-effective option is converting your existing garage into additional living space. This is a great way to use unused space and can be transformed into anything from a playroom, office, bedroom, or even an extension of the kitchen or lounge area.

Attic Conversion

An attic conversion is another excellent way to create additional living space in your property without building an extension. It can be used to create a bedroom, office, or gym. Attic conversions are also relatively simple and cost-effective compared to other extensions.

Home extensions have become increasingly popular as homeowners look for ways to increase the value and functionality of their properties. Various home extensions offer different benefits, all tailored to the homeowner’s needs. Whether you want more living space, increased property value, or a custom design – a home extension is your best bet!

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