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Which Volkswagen Model Suits You Best?

It was in the 1930s when the Volkswagen, widely known as the ‘people’s car,’ was first developed. Its headquarters was in Germany and the plant was dedicated to producing cars that were ideal for the average German.

All through the 70s, Volkswagen commercial vehicles of different models became popular. They were reliable, easy to maintain and consumed less fuel compared to other cars in the market. Decades later, the car is still preferred primarily because of those three traits even if there have been significant improvements over time.

The most common types of Volkswagen include the following.

The Hatchback

This model has three common styles. Golf is the most versatile and spacious. It has been developed over 40 years allowing many awards to be tucked under its bonnet. It comes with features like high-resolution screen systems and a TSI engine.

The golf GTI, meanwhile, debuted in 1976 and has gained popularity as a sports car. It adds a spring to the Golf’s step and comes with a turbocharged engine. Finally, the Golf R is the fastest of the three and accelerates from zero to 100km/h in five seconds.

The Coupe

This vehicle combines substance and style. Easily confused with a sedan, the Arteon combines comfort and space with performance and sharpness in design. The Beetle Cabriolet, on the other hand, boasts of a distinctive silhouette. It was redesigned to offer 175Nm torque such that the car can go as fast as 178km/h.

The Beetle is another type in this category. It has a silhouette similar to those of its predecessors but with a sleek stance. It often comes with LED lights that run in the day and a dual clutch gearbox. Finally, the Beetle Dune is the car to go for if you want something that oozes masculinity. It has a wide diving lane and a spoiler on its rear.

The Sedan

family camping

If you are looking for an elegant family car, nothing beats the Sedan. You will not have to pick between space and safety or fuel consumption and performance. The design of the Passat is such that you get sufficient legroom and a big enough boot capacity. It can accommodate for a camping trip or a simple errand such as grocery shopping.


Volkswagen provides two options when it comes to SUVs. Each is distinct yet practical. The Touareg is most famous for its off-road ability and toughness. Its figure is imposing, a function of its generous space, and yet it draws little attention to itself. It can withstand different weather conditions due to the drive system dedicated to this.

The second option, the Tiguan, is ideal for a lifestyle filled with adventure. It boasts of features like low consumption of fuel and practicality. It can match the performance of a hatchback and gives the driver an excellent road view.

The ‘people’s car’ has become popular all over the world; there is no doubt about that. Whether you are looking for a hot sports model or a light commercial, utility or passenger car, there is one Volkswagen available for you.

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