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What to Look for When Hiring Equipment

When you have a construction project, hiring plant and machinery is essential to fast completion of your project. Hiring is better than equipment purchase as it saves you the amount you would spend on buying this equipment. You will not have to walk from one dealer to another looking for the right equipment to buy. However, you have to get the process of hiring equipment right for the best results. That will involve finding the right plant hire company, affordable rates, and quality equipment in Australia. Here are the essential considerations in hiring equipment:

On-Site Support

The delivery of the equipment to your site is the first step the company will do. The equipment will require maintenance and repairs while on the site. The frequent maintenance will protect the equipment and ensure service reliability. The plant maintenance requires skilled personnel that the company will provide. The cost of on-site support services should be inclusive of the overall cost of hiring the equipment.


When you have a project, it makes sense to have a timeline. The timeline indicates the activities you need to undertake and the time span. Discuss your project timeline when hiring the equipment. Depending on your schedule, the company will give you a delivery date. You can then start making arrangements to accommodate the equipment in your premise.


As equipment continues to age, it decreases in efficiency and reliability. Old equipment is prone to mechanical problems that will slow down the operation. If the equipment breaks down in your premises, you might have to cover the replacement cost. Therefore, ensure that you get equipment that is less than five years old for best results. You need to ensure that the hire company has insurance covers for the equipment. That will give you the peace of mind that you will get compensation if the equipment causes damage to your property.


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It is essential that you consider the availability of the equipment you are looking to hire. A specialised hire company should have a lot of equipment. The equipment should be available as a complete set to avoid any inconveniences. You will be content with the equipment if it is available to you exclusively within the stated period in the agreement.


Since the equipment belongs to the hire company, renting the equipment should be low. The payable amount will depend on the number of equipment you hire and duration of hire. Some companies operate at a fixed rate, while others charge according to the duration.

Carrying out a construction project requires the use of heavy equipment. Thanks to plant hire services in Australia, you do not need to buy the equipment. The equipment you need include excavators, cranes, forklifts, and bulldozers. Each piece of equipment serves a unique role in the execution of your project. You can get the plant hire services together with man labour to operate the equipment.  Hiring man labour will increase the cost of hire services but guarantee the safety of the company’s equipment. Mishandling the equipment while on site could be costly to repair or replace.

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