Ways to Put Up Divisions in Your Condo Without Wasting Space

Living in a condominium may be one of your goals. And once you get a hold of the keys, you will feel an immense sense of pride. In a way, you have unlocked one of the biggest achievements of adulthood. You have a new milestone. But there are expectations you need to have once you plan to move in. Condominiums are usually small and compact. You should have no problem if you know for a fact that you will be just the person living there or you will live there with a significant other.

However, just because your condo is compact does not mean that you can already live big. You can still live big and comfortably if you follow the right layout. You should know the space’s configurations well so that it will be much easier for you to plot the places and spots of your furniture. One of the challenges, however, is the setting up of divisions. Sounds not possible? Let this article prove you wrong, Here are some ways to set up divisions in your condo without actually wasting space:

Go for folding screens

If your home’s theme is modular, folding screens will make a good fit. They are easy to install and remove. You can opt for folding screens with wheels so you can transfer it anywhere in your condo. What’s good about folding screens is that they are usually thin, meaning you can save space while making sure that your privacy is maintained. There are many materials to choose from. You can go for wood if you want some rustic appeal. If your condo follows an industrial theme, you can choose metal screens.

Set up shelves


Some condominiums for sale in Ortigas such as the Vantage at Kapitolyo are actually bigger compared to usual condo sizes. This gives you a leeway as far as divisions are concerned. If you do not want to be bothered by putting up walls, you can use shelves as your dividers. Tall shelves can even be used to create an entryway. It can even divide your kitchen and your living room.

Curtain it up

If you are the only person living in your condo and you want easy set-ups for dividers, why not install curtains. They come in different patterns and materials, meaning you can easily find the one that suits your condo. Just invest in high-quality and aesthetically pleasing material so that your condo will look good. Keep it from sagging by installing it through a rod (not wires, as much as possible).

Use glass

Many condo owners want to make their space look bigger while installing dividers. In this case, you can go for glass dividers. You can choose grid dividers like in this apartment if you want to inject some elegance. But if you are after making your condo look spacious, you can install mirror walls.

Dividing your condo to define space functions should not be hard work. This is where you can run your imagination or even seek the help of reliable interior designers.

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