Warehouse Efficiency: Tips for Better Logistics Operations

If you are in the business of logistics, you know that whatever happens at the warehouse can have a domino effect on your bottom line. Any downtime resulting in a delay in productivity or inefficient processes can cost you a lot in terms of time and money. Additionally, your brand suffers as well.

Here are some useful tips to improve the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse.

1. Devise a regular maintenance plan

Excessive need for repair and maintenance of machines can harm any enterprise. When you make sure that all of the equipment and tools used in the industry are properly serviced and maintained, you will be able to manage downtime and boost productivity as well as production. Any problem or issue can easily be caught before it can worsen.

2. Come up with an efficient picking plan

Picking products from one point of your warehouse to another has a bearing on the overall flow of the facility. With an efficient system, you get to streamline the entire process and minimise downtime.

When organising warehouse spaces, make sure that there are no two or three processes that overlap or interfere with the rest of the queue. This way, everything will be done efficiently.

3. Start organising according to priority

Start to organise the warehouse according to priority. You can provide your workers with a list of priorities for inventory. If you can arrange the warehouse in a very effective way, then the picks will come from the initial 20% of the merchandise.

Assess the items regularly and ascertain which one of them is most in demand. Remember that the demand for inventory varies from time to time and it is necessary to update your priority list regularly.

4. Enhance the layout of your warehouse for smooth operations

Many of the things in the warehouse can be simplified to make it more efficient, and you can accomplish this task by changing the layout or floor plan. Maximising and optimising available space should be a constant activity to ensure warehouse efficiency. If the aisle placements are wrong, or if the items are stored in the wrong place, this can potentially increase travel time and result in very low productivity.

It may be necessary to place some critical items where they are readily available. Additionally, there are some products which require special attention. IBC bunded spill pallets, for instance, need to be easily monitored for any spillage. Placing these items, including flammable or corrosive materials, where they would not affect other materials should be planned in advance.

5. Encourage and improve worker participation

Worker checking storage

Workers are directly involved in any task at the warehouse. Ask them about their work and if there are some possible improvements that they can do to in the facility. Ask for their suggestions since they are the best persons to give feedback about the work and processes. You can give them rewards and credit from time to time to ensure they participate with enthusiasm in the work and improvement process.

Warehouse efficiency is the foundation of logistics. Priority items must be easily accessible. Getting things in and out of the warehouse is a daily activity that can lead to improving the company’s bottom line.

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