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Useful Things that can be Made with a Laser Cutter

Working with metal fabrication projects takes a lot of precision in order to come up with a high-quality outcome. With the emergence of laser metal cutting technology, businesses can now design, produce, and construct metal works with increased efficiency and accuracy within a less period of time.

What is Laser Cutting Technology?

As the name suggests, laser metal cutting is a non-contact process of cutting a metal sheet, plate, or bar through the use of a laser beam. Laser cutters operate like printers, using the beam to create an image on the surface. Laser metal cutting is similar to engraving or drilling, but instead of using conventional blades and drills, a focused and precise laser beam is run through the material to trim down, bore holes or cut it into more complex shapes and sizes. Laser beams accurately cut through or melt the material, so there is little or no wastage during the process.

What Can You Make with a Laser Cutter?

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Many businesses can benefit from using laser cutters in completing metal artworks and projects. Below are some of the useful items that can be created using a laser cutter.

Metal Gates, Fences, and Rails

More than a means of security and protection from burglary or theft, fences and gates are now also made to add an aesthetic value to properties. Intricate patterns can be designed in a computer and then transferred to the laser cutting machine. Once the pattern is cut out, the metal sheets are pieced together to form a gate or fence. This whole process is done faster as opposed to creating a gate or fence by hand, which can take weeks or months to complete.

Wall Art

Businesses can upscale their office interior by installing laser-cut artworks. Rather than going for the conventional bookshelves, wall clocks, or paintings, offices can use ones that are made from laser-cut metals. Companies can modernize their interiors by putting a wall-mounted shelf with odd shapes and lines or having a wall clock that tells time using a combination of numbers and spelled-out words. Instead of a painting of a cityscape, companies can install metal artwork in a similar pattern.


Laser-cut company logos provide an elegant and strong visual impact on office lobbies or facades. Metal signs can be made in different finishes and incorporated with other materials, so they can easily complement the colors of the company logo.

Wedding Favors

Signage for the wedding venue and reception, reserved seating, and place cards can be made from laser-cut metal. Couples can get more creative by giving their guests and entourage laser-engraved keepsakes and mementos like metal flasks, coasters, bottles openers, or keychains.


Restaurants and bars that endeavor to create a sustainable and eco-friendly dining area may choose to use laser-cut furniture such as chairs, tables, or bar stools. In addition to being an environment-friendly alternative, metal furniture are easier to clean and maintain and can be used for a long time.

Laser cutting can be useful in many settings. Businesses who offer laser cutting services can look forward to a lucrative source of income, especially when they deliver quality and fast service.

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