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Three Reasons to Give Your Office a Makeover This 2019

A new year, a new office. It sounds like a trend that you think you can get away from — to spare the business finances, perhaps — but if you look at what it brings into the office, you might reconsider. An office makeover isn’t just a frivolous affair. Done right, it’s filled with purpose and will get the office started on a good and productive year.

Take a look at these reasons to give your office a new look.

You’re Targeting Millennials

Now, don’t scoff just yet at the idea of millennials being given all the importance in the workforce. It’s just a simple fact that they comprise the majority of the people who are looking for jobs, which means you’ll hire a handful of them. It’s also another fact that they have a checklist of things they look for at work, but this was also true with past generations. It just so happens that millennials live in a world where everything is put under the microscope, and each choice is out for the world to scrutinize.

But why do you have to redesign the office for millennials? As mentioned, they have a checklist. It’s a near-top priority for them to be in a workplace that’s creative and lets them be themselves. They also appreciate a more eco-friendly and health-conscious community. This is why big corporations are courting chefs to provide healthy in-house lunches for their staff, and there’s a high demand for refurbished office furniture in Salt Lake City, UT and other hotspots.

You’re Building an Image

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A year ago, you were offering a product that earned the business a modest income. This year, the sales weren’t bad, either. Next year, you may still be selling the same old product, but your sales could go down. Why? Because you’re giving customers the impression that you’re stuck. You’re not keeping up with the times, and your office feels like a time capsule. Any workplace needs renovation every few years to catch up to the current needs of employees and to give it a fresh mindset.

You may not think change is important, but your customers look for it. Your employees want it, too. If they feel stuck in your office, it’s only a matter of time before they want to leave and seek better opportunities elsewhere.

You’re Aiming Higher

What’s worse than presenting an old and boring office to the world? Stagnation. You could play it safe and reach for the same goals you had last year. You think that if you can keep this up year after year, you can make it. A wise business owner, however, has a higher target each year along with long-term goals. Even if you fall short of your new target, you can still do better than how you did last year. But because you aimed higher, you can think of where you failed and where you fell short. Your new projections for the following year might just go above your adjusted goals.

A company that’s doing well will open doors for new ideas and business expansion. You can do anything, whether you want to innovate or stay the same. It’s a choice you’re free to make because your business isn’t threatened by debt, high turnover rates or underperforming products.

There’s nothing wrong with a little change. Especially in the workplace, that change can set you apart from other companies that prefer to play it safe.

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