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Three Most Popular Things You Can Try during Quarantine at Home

Not everything was terrible during the COVID-19 pandemic. There were numerous incredible highs during this time. Many people found the time they have been looking for forever since. These people finally found the time to do what they want, love, or wished that they have tried in the past.

For many, being cooped up in the house and endlessly staring in front of the television is a life sentence. Eating endlessly, mindlessly browsing through social media feeds that seemed bottomless, and sleeping throughout the day is a curse for some. This boring routine is one reason why many people started experimenting or began to try out new things.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage numerous states and cities nationwide, and the end of it has yet to be seen. Despite the start of vaccinations, the authorities continue to remind the public to stay at home and not leave their residences unnecessarily. And as more lockdowns and restrictions loom over the country, here are the three most popular things that you should try this pandemic.

Start to Plant or Improve Your Garden

Many areas on lockdown, and travel to other countries became limited. Many people turned to their home gardens or backyards for rest and relaxation. There has been an evident growing interest in home or community gardening, not only in the country but also in other countries worldwide.

The noticeable increase in garden planting became evident after many stores reported a surge in garden seed buying. Many companies were ecstatic to report that sales of seeds were historical. In contrast, others were able to sell seeds several times more than their average sales.

The gardening boom did not only see the rise in aesthetic gardening or the planting of flowering plants but the rise in backyard food gardening. The sudden popularity of food gardening was caused by multiple food shortages, including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Many people see gardening as a better alternative than adopting a new pet because of the benefits, such as food security. The people’s nearness to nature, which resembles the act of going outside and socially mingling with others, got rid of the monotony of life in quarantine.

What to Plant?

There are many options, and the plants that should be planted depends on your preference. If you are on the aesthetic side of things, you should look out for those beautiful flowers. But suppose you are looking forward to having a secure food supply. In that case, you should look out for easily sustainable and quick-fruit-bearing plants.

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Spend and Invest in Your Garden

If your garden size is too small, generally you should choose small species of plants. But if you have a large garden size, it is expected that you would plant more variety of crops or even at least two fruit-bearing trees.

Those lucky enough to have a large property may even plant hops, apples, grapes, corns, and other high-value crops and plants. One of the most sought after plants is the hops species. You can buy Galaxy beer hops and other similar species from various gardening enthusiasts online or in hobbyist stores.

Spending time planting these plants can be considered an investment that will turn into a financial gain in the future. People are sure to buy Galaxy hops from you, spices, and other fresh produce.

You now have all the time in the world to experiment with new food ideas and recipes. Having a garden can also come hand-in-hand with food experimentation. Why? This is because you will not be spending much on buying ingredients, which are already in your backyard.

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