The Ten-year Line: Durable Household Items to Check or Replace

Every homeowner knows the work they have to put in to maintain a comfortable and convenient home. While the property provides a safe and intimate space, the number of maintenance tasks, repairs, supply replenishment, and adjustments you must perform can make indoor life hard. However, those are the prices we pay to put a roof over our heads.

Fortunately, the home has a few reliable items we don’t need to pay attention to that much. They fall under the durable goods category, capable of lasting years and sustaining damage while still functioning. However, everything has a lifespan. For the average homeowner, checking those durable goods should be part of the maintenance checklist every ten years. The action can determine if they are still good or if you might have to seek replacements.


Refrigerators are the posters boys of durability. As the appliance keeping all kinds of food fresh, there should never be a day when it does not function. Fortunately, refrigerators are durable and self-sustaining devices that could work even if you ignore them for months. Maintenance tasks are almost non-existent for it as well, with filter cleaning or replacements being the only things you might have to do within a year. A standard refrigerator lasts up to 25 years, justifying its place in the ten-year check-up list.

However, the refrigerator might show signs that it is reaching the end of its lifespan. If you notice that the appliance is getting hot, checking the motor should be a top priority. Your food might also start to rot faster, which means the temperature is suffering. It might even happen between the ten-year line. Food is essential for survival, making it necessary to observe if the refrigerator starts to malfunction.


The sofa is often the primary attraction of the living room. Despite being in an area where the television other electronic devices are present, the furniture is the one homeowners use more often. People sit, nap, jump, and play on the sofa, making the household item susceptible to damage.

Fortunately, it can sustain pressure and wear-and-tear damage for over 20 years. Maintenance tasks surrounding the furniture involve vacuum cleaning and stain removal, but replacing it might not be necessary. Pets could damage the sofa even further. However, even a worn-down and torn version remain functional.

Despite the durability of the sofa, checking it once every ten years will be necessary. Replacements might be in order when the cushions sink or when the tear damages become worse. If the smell is also becoming a problem despite the occasional wash, the need to upgrade might be more critical for your home environment.

Bed Mattresses


The bed carries as much significance as a sofa inside the home. The household item is essential for probably the most vital activity you have to perform in life. Sleeping has plenty of health benefits for your entire body. Fortunately, it can be easy for people to fall asleep when they have their mattresses. Your bed will not give you problems, especially when it is new.

However, you might start to feel body pain after a few years. Mattresses also experience sinking cushions because they carry a person’s weight. As a result, your body starts to press on the bed coils. It might not appear for ten years, and most homeowners flip them if the bed becomes uncomfortable.

If bed coils start to ruin your sleeping habits, changing the bedroom mattress might be necessary. The mattress requires a replacement, especially when the body ache gets worse every day. Fortunately, most bed mattresses last for ten years, making any upgrade a worthy investment.

HVAC System

The home temperature dictates the comfortable environment you wish for your indoor lifestyle. However, it can be challenging to prevent the weather from affecting your property. Summer can expose your family to hot weather, increasing the chances of fatigue and dehydration. Winter can also be harsh, with the cold turning your home into a freezer.

Fortunately, houses have HVAC systems to help homeowners maintain control of the temperature. The air conditioner and furnace are reliable and durable appliances within the system. Besides a few filter cleaning sessions, there might not be too much to do other than enjoy the functions of the HVAC system. However, that changes when it starts to show signs of malfunctions.

Loud noises, weaker performances, or damaged materials might happen within ten years, giving you a chance to have it repaired or do it yourself. Maintenance might be costly, but it is worth it for your home comfort. However, the damage might pile up to the point where replacing it becomes the cheaper option.

Maintenance can be a lot of work, so homeowners are grateful for durable household items that do not require much attention. However, there might be the need to check or replace them anytime, making the ten-year mark an ideal period to do a complete sweep to your home.

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