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The Perfect Match: 3 Questions to Ask to Know if You’re Buying the Right Home

Buying a home is like dating since your goal is to find the one. Unlike dating, when you say yes to a home, that’s the final decision. There are no breakups or cool offs — basically, no turning back. That’s unless you’re willing to go through another cycle of stress, such as putting your property back on sale, visiting one home after another, spending hard-earned money, and so on.

However, just like love, it’s not easy to spot instantly the right one for you. It could be less hard, though, if you ask yourself these questions:

1. “Does this home tick off all my must-haves?”

The right home rightly satisfies your needs. It has just the right number of bedrooms — no more, no less. It has the right size of the kitchen, and it has the right price tag. Now, it’s easy to overlook your must-haves when the property has all the nice-to-haves, like the Jacuzzi in the bathroom, the library on the third floor, or the wine cellar. You may end up justifying buying the dream home rather than the right one.

To avoid being enticed with all these shiny, flashy amenities you probably don’t need, it’s important to have a list of home essentials. Your needs should only have these components: floor size, number of bedrooms and baths, and budget. All items outside of these would be wants, which aren’t necessarily bad. The principle here is to know your priorities and stick to them through and through.

2. “Do I like the neighborhood?”

Couple looking at the property

The right home is in the right location. Now, in judging the location, you need to consider its accessibility and community. In terms of the former, you have to assess if the house makes it convenient for you to reach different places, like offices, schools, grocery stores, parks, etc. At the very least, it should be near transportation systems that would allow you to go to such places.

One of the best options for this is condo units. Just look at Makati condos for sale that Philippines’ amazing property developers offer. It’s located right at the heart of the metro, where everything is within reach. You won’t have to go through the hellish traffic just to get a bottle of milk for your kid.

Another thing you should consider in the aspect of location is the community. Have a feel for your neighbors when you visit the home you’re targeting. What kind of people are they? Do you think you can get along with them? If they’re your type of people, then maybe, this may be the right home for you.

3. “Can I enjoy this home for the next years?”

The right home is something that rightly fits into your family’s future. When you step inside properties, see if you can imagine being at the space for the next five years. If you cannot do that, then maybe it’s not the right fit. Or, you can still buy that home, if you see it as a profitable investment — a money-making machine to be exact.

For instance, some newlyweds first buy a condo before the kids come. Later on, when they have a full house, they get a house and lot, but still, keep the condo and list it for short-term rentals. They might not have stayed longer than five years in their unit, but they still were able to enjoy it in a different sense.

Again, the goal of buying a home is finding the right one. If you’re having trouble discerning that, ask yourself these mentioned questions. In one way or another, all things would click, and you would realize that you’ve met the one.

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