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Temporary Floor Protection Options during Construction and Remodeling

There is no set system on what should be constructed first or second in a building. As such, you might have the walls and floors finished before the installation of a roof on the property. The same issue is common when contractors are handling remodeling jobs since they cannot start demolishing other parts they are not working on to protect them. In both instances, the use of temporary protection for your walls or floors is essential to aver damage to them when working on other parts of your construction.

Along withdry lining tools from a UK-based supplier and other essential tools, a temporary protection solution should also form part of your construction or remodeling inventory. There are different options available for the protection of your floors during construction to guarantee they remain in top condition even as you work on other areas. The following are some of your protection options.

Plastic Film

The carpets down to the roots for their shaft will be easily destroyed by the debris and dust from your construction, and it is virtually impossible to get rid of them. Plastic carpet protection films are the ideal choice for you in this instance. They are much like a saran wrap which sticks to your carpets and holds the dust and other debris which will fall on it during construction. Plastic films work even for irregularly shaped carpeted areas and have considerable traction thus averting the risk of slips during your construction.

Paper Coverings

Rosin or craft paper is a type of heavy duty paper which can be rolled over your floors and taped down using non-residue tape like masking or painters tape. This paper is used on hard floors since it can tear soft surfaces like carpeted floors. It provides a moisture barrier which will protect your floors from liquid spills. Some contractors opt for newspapers rather than craft or rosin paper for their floor coverings. The newspaper will, however, soak liquids and tear up easily thus compromising their protection.

Corrugated Plastic

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This is a heavy-duty floor protection option. Corrugated plastic is generally used on fragile floors like marble, unfinished wood, and tile floors. They effectively protect these floors from the tools you might drop that will shatter or crack them and lead to costly repairs or compromise their integrity.


This is among the most flexible and dense floor protection alternatives available. There are different Masonite protection products including large rolls which can be laid flat with no need for extensive installation techniques. Masonite products are constructed from plywood fibers and are hence recommended for high-end constructions which require high-level floor protection. It is in most cases used with rosin paper and can be bent to fit various areas without cracking.

The above floor protection alternatives seem easy enough to pick, but they are not. There are various counterfeit products currently available on the market which will not meet their desired requirements. As such, it is easy for contractors and DIYers to get duped into settling for a product which will offer little protection for their floors. Ensure you settle for a reputable manufacturer and supplier for your temporary protection products to guarantee their efficiency.

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