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Sustainable Marketing Practices in the New Normal

The world hit its reset button in 2020. Because of the pandemic, millions of people have turned their lives around, either for the better or worse. Businesses themselves transformed overnight. As more and more restrictions and rules were put into place, more and more surviving companies opted for different setups in their employees’ work hours. While some opted to retrench their employees, some chose to move their employees to work from home.

2020 saw a spike in the interest in work from home schemes. Some also resorted to a rotational schedule where only a portion of the workforce will be allowed inside the respective offices. For a time, these schemes were good. Depending on the activity, most of the office work was found to be sustainable even if done from their employees’ homes.

Even the way marketing practices were conducted shifted in the new normal. Because people were prohibited from going outside, a lot of companies died out. It left many businesses questioning how they conducted their daily affairs. It also put into the spotlight how fragile markets can be.

While some products continued to soar despite the pandemic, the foodservice industry was forced to shift to a delivery order scheme to survive. The entire labor force of a company had to shift their methods of delivering their products and service. So much so that it spawned the need for more couriers and delivery service companies.

While some businesses need no marketing because of their essential utility during the pandemic, things are about to change once the vaccination process goes full throttle. As millions more are vaccinated every day, hope for normalcy remains bleak. More variants of the virus are being discovered almost every month. The world holds its collective breath as we hope that the vaccine is effective against every aspect of the virus.

The question remains, however. How will the businesses market themselves sustainably and firmly in the new normal — the new world post-pandemic?

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Digitalization of Everything

To sustain your own affairs, you better move your business to the internet. Digitalization has been the trend for major companies and big corporations around the globe. Now that the need has finally come, these early to act companies sustain themselves even in digital marketing efforts. Because the majority of the population is already cord-cutting, much of their daily activities involve being glued in front of a computer monitor for hours on end. The internet is still a relatively cheap real estate for advertisements and marketing efforts.

Remote Servicing

Branching out to non-traditional marketing since to be the trend for those looking for sustainable efforts to market themselves in the new normal. In the real estate industry, real estate agents are looking at videographers and filmmakers to market the houses they are selling. More often than not, house tours are now lessened, and video tours are what’s in. It also saves time for the agents to tour every client they come in contact with during the new normal.

More restaurants are also now embracing having a dedicated food delivery lane for those ordering take away and delivery. To their benefit, the revenue has been almost the same as during the pre-pandemic era. Through digital marketing, people can now shift tabs on their web browser and order anything they want from any connected restaurant.

Social Media Engagement

Focusing on your loyal customers has now become the ultimate test for marketing your business. Social media engagements can help you with that. By personally connecting with your loyal customers, you can ensure the rate of constant return for them will be high. It will also help your business acquire new customers if you run promos and deals to entice them to order from you through your social media engagements.

Constant communication with your consumer base is important to let them know your business is still running. Other businesses fall off the radar because they allow themselves to fade in anonymity. Like celebrities, not everyone can remember you instantly from the top of peoples’ heads. You need to engage them constantly and remind them that they can get their beloved product or service from you in easy steps.

As the world tries to get back on its feet, businesses should think about getting ahead of the game with their newfound strategies. The flexibility of one’s venture can spell the doom of the business. Failure to adapt and accept the new normal will surely diminish the chances of the business crossover to the threshold of what the new world brings.

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