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Suggestions for Creating a Dog-Friendly Space in Your New Home

Moving to a new home takes quite a bit of adjustment from everyone in the family. Even pets aren’t exempt from this change. If you have a dog as part of your household, you can help it adapt to the new surroundings by making it a space where it can be comfortable. Here’s a list of basic furnishings that you can include in this new area.

Sleeping Area

This area will be your dog’s personal space, so you’ll have to take this fact into consideration when thinking of its design. You should even make it a factor when you’re choosing which house and land package in Whittlesea to move your whole family to. Depending on your pet’s nature, it may be quite territorial about its resting spot. Make sure to place its bed away from where it can get hit such as the door or the middle of the room. You can personalise this bed to go along the theme of the house if you wish.

Toy Corner

Dog food and toy on a grey surfaceYour dog, especially if it’s one of the larger breeds, will need a lot of physical activity. Stash their toys on one side of the room for easy access, preferably inside a lockbox or atop a tall shelf, once you’re done with playing. As a rule of thumb, toys that you purchase should be non-toxic and sturdy enough to last long. There are other factors such as the dog’s age, breed, and size that you need to take into account during your shopping. Make sure to list them down beforehand.

Food and Water Dispensers

Your dog will need to eat and drink at some point, so you need to put these up on one side of the space for them to use. You’ll also need to place rubber mats underneath them to prevent spills or clean off spills easily. If you’re going to use dispensers for both food and drink, make sure that their supply is replenished regularly, especially if you often head out and leave your dog at home for a long time. If you can’t afford these convenient items, then traditional dog bowls will suffice. You just have to put in the food and water yourself.

Cleaning Materials

No matter how you try to avoid it, your dog will cause some sort of mess sooner or later. Hence, you’d better be prepared with the necessary cleaning implements and materials. Stacks of old newspapers, mops, soap, and rags are just some of the tools that you need to have on hand. You can also take this chance to train your dog about discipline by showing it the right place to relieve itself once it feels the need to do so.

Just like humans, your dog deserves care and attention, and it’s appreciative of those who provide its needs. Of course, this won’t be easy when you’re all making adjustments to your new home and lifestyle. Give yourselves time, and you’ll all get used to it. All the while, show your pet how much you love it, and it will gladly return the favour.

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