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Strategies for Combining Your PR and Content Marketing Efforts

Public relations (PR) and content marketing are basically the same thing when running a business. This is mainly because their goal is to create quality messages that amplify your brand’s message. Almost everyone nowadays is a content creator, so you might wonder how yours will stand out from all the content online. Although the way you communicate with clients has drastically changed and continues to do so, people at a basic level have remained unchanged.

With a proper understanding of this concept, reliable PR firms in Phoenix are now advising companies to combine PR and content marketing. This strategy facilitates the outreach of content, offers a consolidated platform for idea sharing, and helps harness the relationships built from PR for content marketing efforts. Here are some of the strategies experts will recommend when combining PR and content marketing for increased revenue for your business:

Merge Your Content Creation Efforts

PR and content marketing teams both regularly create high-quality content though it is meant for two distinct audiences. By combining the creation of articles intended for content marketing and PR, you will get repurposed content that will make your company’s media outreach succinct and straightforward. Combining the content will also allow you to run a brand awareness campaign smoothly and without overstretching your resources.

Plan the Campaign Themes Together

Your content marketing and PR teams have higher chances of coming up with several story and theme ideas for your brand if they work together. This strategy will also guarantee that your business does not promote different things at the same time. To enable the success of this strategy, your teams will conduct a SWOT analysis early and identify their weaknesses and strengths. This creates an open room for the free flow of ideas and allows the teams to use the identified elements to develop shared and productive goals.

marketing plan word conceptCreate Collaboration Opportunities

Due to the dynamics of their work, your PR and content marketing teams are bound to be in contact at some point. However, rather than relying on chance encounters, create opportunities for the collaboration of these teams. The collaborative projects will improve the relationship dynamics of the team and generate results, which will significantly boost your income.

Frequently Assess Your PR and Content Marketing Roles and Goals

The goals of PR and content marketing change quarterly, and reassessing the combined goals of the teams frequently is essential. These re-assessments help both groups to realign their strategies toward common predefined goals. They also offer opportunities to customize campaigns based on the current marketing spheres.

The strategies mentioned above seem easy enough to incorporate for your firm, but they are not as easy as these tidbits make them look. Luckily, there is one solution that can allow the seamless combination of PR and content marketing without significant disruption in your firm’s operation. This is by outsourcing your content marketing and PR rather than hiring an in-house department for this. Nowadays this does not mean hiring two separate firms. There are modern PR firms that also handle content marketing. These are the perfect choice for businesses aiming to combine their content marketing and PR efforts and boost their brand’s visibility and returns.

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