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Staying Alive: Types of Businesses That Thrive During the Pandemic

Starting a business during the pandemic puts a whole new meaning into the challenges faced by startups. It’s the pandemic — businesses are supposed to be closed and even established ones are suffering under the restrictions. There’s no surprise if the business you’re supposed to start suddenly closes.

Consider that there are brick-and-mortar stores that have been around for a long time that’s now closed. There are even traditional companies that have suffered enough to permanently close shop. If you’re starting a business selling water buffer tanks you might survive — that is, if you choose to go non-traditional. But that’s not what we’re here for; this is for the businesses that thrive during the pandemic.

Take a look at some of these tips and see if it’s for you. There are a lot of business ideas out there that could brave the pandemic, and here are some of them.

An Online Consultancy

Since the pandemic started, most businesses that have gotten the nod of people are those that decided to go digital. It’s a win-win for those who wanted to go digital; they get their businesses into a safe spot because the pandemic closed down companies operating in a brick-and-mortar building. There are a lot of things you could also do if you go digital.

Consultancies are a good business to start online because it doesn’t matter what your expertise is, only that you’ve got a wealth of experience in it. You can start a company, or you can operate as an independent freelancer. It’s a must for those who are looking to earning a lot of money from home.

A Marketing Business, Only Digital

Marketing professionals are one of those who are going to make a killing online. It is a sought-after skill, most especially since there are a lot of businesses that are going digital because of the current situation. Digital marketing campaigns are the same as the ones being done by big enterprises, only that they could be done in the safety of your home office.

There are those businesses that are currently seeking digital marketing professionals and it could be a niche filled in by freelancers or remote workers who ply their trade online. A well-placed online agency could also grab this opportunity, but it tends to be more profitable if you’re working alone or with a small group.

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A Graphic Design Company

Even traditional media has a heavy reliance on graphic design. It is anything that requires art and is a tool for marketing. Graphic design has a relationship with graphic art, although the former is more into the design seen on a website.

Graphic design is completely online and people who are doing this can take on a lot of clients. Apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, or other design software helps remote workers do their work easily. It is also easier to design the logo or website of a company if it’s done completely online.

Going Online — Pet Sitting for Other People

The pandemic hit these businesses hard as well. With a franchise that operated on the basis of people walking in and leaving their pets, it was a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, quite a few from this line of business managed to adjust, not just by going online, but by making hard decisions.

In the case of pet service provider SoHo Hound, it had to lay off all of its staff while operating the business on its own. When the restrictions softened, they were able to re-hire, but slowly. They were fortunate; others who weren’t able to adjust this quickly found that they were unable to return.

Going Online — Grooming Pets for a Living

Pet grooming is another service that SoHo Hound thrived on. People left their pets with the company when going on a vacation or for other reasons. It was the pet shop’s job to make the pet feel as if their owners never left, to be well-fed and well-kept until their owners picked them up.

If you manage to maintain your services from lockdown until softer restrictions, then you also have a bigger chance of returning. Going online seems to be the cure-all but there are processes in-between that aren’t seen, that helps these companies dust themselves off of the COVID-19 difficulties most businesses face.

COVID-19 will be another period in the history of companies where they consider themselves lucky enough to be able to come back. Running a business is already tough but when compounded by the difficulties due to COVID-19, it’s even more so. These tips have been sourced to help companies and businesses toughen up in the face of the pandemic.

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