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Six Improvements to Reduce Injury Risk in Your Indiana Home

When homeowners undertake projects to upgrade or improve their property, appearances and return on investment are often a top priority. But if you plan on continuing to live in your home for a while yet, consider the practical value of improving your home’s safety. Indiana is generally an affordable state to live in; you could set aside some of your budget and enjoy better safety as you go about each day. Here are six changes you can make to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries in your home.

Improved kitchen layout

People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and when you perform a lot of activities in the same place, that’s where accidents tend to happen. If you find yourself stretching and straining to reach cabinets or fit everything into cramped storage space, then a kitchen remodel may be your top priority. And with Fort Wayne’s housing market forecast to continue growing into 2020 and beyond, improving this part of the house will let you reap the rewards of a higher resale value down the line.

Bathroom rails and handles

Your bathroom is another part of the home where accidents can happen. Entering a state of relaxation as you take your bath, and then moving across a slippery floor, is a combination that could easily lead to slips and falls. Adding simple features such as grab bars or bathtub safety rails can be a low-cost investment for improved safety – not to mention a pretty standard DIY job you can take on.

Better lighting

While you may not be in the habit of stumbling around blindly in the middle of the night, there are situations where bad lighting can lead to mishaps in the home. Elderly relatives or guests with impaired eyesight don’t enjoy the same level of visual acuity, and you may occasionally need to venture into cramped storage areas to retrieve or stow away stuff. Clear windows of obstructions to let in more light, and consider switching out to brighter bulbs or adding a lamp or additional overhead illumination.

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Keep clutter off the floors

As children, we quickly get acquainted with the image of a person slipping on a banana peel. It’s meant to teach you to watch your step, but also to avoid a messy environment. Simply taking the time and effort to go through your home and de-clutter is a no-cost activity to improve your home’s safety. While you’re at it, you may want to remove or replace any rugs which could pose a risk of falling or slipping.

Rearrange the furniture

One more cost-effective option for you to reduce the risk of getting injured in your home is a simple matter of rearranging or replacing your furniture. The initial layout of your home may have been designed to impress, but as you spend your days moving about and living there, give yourself more free room to operate – and fewer chances of hitting something and hurting yourself – with a more spacious layout and furniture choices.

Maintain the outdoors

You may like to lounge around outside the house when the weather’s good, but during extremes of heat and cold in Indiana, most people stay indoors. Parts of the landscape can be neglected; grass can grow unkempt, and paving stones can loosen or get slippery with moss. Don’t neglect the areas outside your home, and keep up a regular maintenance schedule.

Home improvements aren’t always about aesthetics. Invest your money wisely and make your property a safer place to live in every day.

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