Simple Measures to Soundproof Your Home Office

A lot of communications nowadays are through the internet. These include email, chat and voice messaging. At the same time, most online communications are done via mobile devices. This can present a problem because unlike regular phones, microphones on mobile devices and computers can pick up a lot of noise. For those who record on their computers or have podcasts, this becomes a bigger concern.

Noise From Inside and Outside

When it comes to personal communication, the ambient noise is taken for granted. People talk on the phone while riding the car, bus or train. The background noise during these calls is treated as normal unless it becomes too noisy. In that case, the two parties decide to drop the call and find another time when the noise level is lower.

For those who have podcasts or record videos, however, a high level of noise becomes more than a nuisance. It can interfere with the quality of the recording. For these purposes, the room has to be soundproofed to lessen the noise.

For Skype calls, a soundproofed room is necessary. For professional recordings, the room is treated to lessen ambient sounds as well. There is a big difference in the requirements between a Skype call and a professional recording.

Soundproofing will work on Skype or VOIP calls. Soundproofing lessens the transmission of noise to and from a room. The noise from inside the room is hardly heard outside, while the noises from outside the room are barely heard from inside.

On the other hand, having an acoustic treatment means that the ambient noise is lessened. These include noise from fans, air conditioners, computers, as well as footsteps of those inside the room.

Keeping the Noise Down

Professional recording studios usually have both soundproofing and acoustic treatment. Acoustic treatment is a set of measures to ensure that noise is further lessened and includes having a separate room for the recording, keeping the computer away from the microphone, or isolating the computer in its own soundproof case.

For podcasts or personal recordings, room soundproofing can be set up. For soundproofing, whether in a big city like Chicago or a smaller one like Kansas City, you can install BIBS insulation for the room or studio. This blow-in blanket system ensures that outside noise does not leak into your home office.

One affordable method of soundproofing is by adding thick drapes instead of your usual curtains. For best results, it is best to add another layer of drapes. This second layer can be of a softer material.

You can also install acoustic panels on the ceiling and the walls behind the drapes. These can be made of foam. If you are on a shoestring budget, you can use eggshell cartons. Additional noise dampening can be achieved by placing rubber mats on the floor. This would help to absorb footsteps, as well as lessen the echo and any shaking on the floor. You can also place the computer inside an isolation box.

Having very low ambient noise requires a relatively big investment, which most people cannot afford. There are solutions to soundproof a room, as well as to eliminate ambient noise. For professional users, this is a necessary investment. However, for those who only want a quiet VOIP call, cheaper workarounds can be resorted to as a temporary solution.

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