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Side Hustles You Can Do While Having a Day Job

Do you want to start your own business but can’t leave the security of your full-time job? Starting a business comes with a lot of risks, so you want to keep your finances secure. While starting a business can look good in a business plan, giving up your day job might just be impractical as of the moment.

The good news is that you can start a side hustle and exercise your business muscles while keeping your 9-to-5 job. From doing graphic design to investing in a smoothie shop franchise, here are some side hustles that you can do.

1. Graphic Design Services

If you have experience in doing graphic design, then taking on this side hustle is a no-brainer for you. If you want to learn, you can take on online tutorials for graphic design and become a freelance artist. You can practice on tools like Canva and Adobe Spark. When you want to have more freedom with your designs, and you want to get more creative, tools like Adobe Photoshop can help you.

2. Web Design and Development

More and more businesses appreciate the need for a well-designed website to reach more customers. A website is one way to engage and extend the reach of a business. You can do web design and development wherever you are with your laptop and a good, stable Internet connection.

You can do web development on its own, as well as web design. Web design involves designing the aesthetics of a website. Web development involves the building of websites using tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress.

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3. Blog Writing

If you love writing, then writing blog articles for websites can be your side hustle. It will not make you rich overnight, but it can bring in some extra cash. Depending on your niche, the pay can be good. You can start looking for writing and freelancing platforms on the web.

4. Online Educator

Do you have a knack for tutoring your younger siblings and cousins? Why not try being an online tutor? You can teach a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, sciences, and even languages. Some online platforms hire tutors to teach English as a second language. The pay is usually per hour, and you can choose to teach kids, adolescents, and even professionals who want to learn English.

5. Event Planning

Do you love planning for parties? Are you the go-to person for office parties and events? Why not make some extra cash out of your planning skills? You can accept one event at a time so that you won’t get overwhelmed. As you gain more experience, you can increase the number of events that you take under your wing. Start with simple birthday parties. Then you can move to bigger events later on.

6. Photographer and Videographer

Are you an avid shutterbug? If you have been spending money on your gear, why not earn some money on your hobby? Choose your niche. Do you like to shoot events such as weddings and parties? Are you more of a portrait photographer? Do you love taking and editing videos? Choose your specialty and build a name on it. The best thing about this gig is that you can work on it based on your availability. If you have your 9-to-5 work on a particular event, then don’t book it.

7. Handmade Jewelry

Are you into DIY crafts and jewelry? If you love creating your own handmade jewelry and have been receiving praises for it, turn it into a side business. You can post your unique and authentic creations on your social media accounts and see if your friends will love them. If you see a high demand for your items, post them on Etsy or eBay to reach more audiences and potential buyers.

8. Franchise a Business

Starting a business from scratch can be intimidating. Why not try franchise ownership? As a franchisee, you pay a fee and a royalty to the owner of the franchise. When you buy a franchise, you do not have to work on marketing, especially if you choose a popular brand. There is already a proven and established operations process, which removes the guesswork for you. You can franchise a popular smoothie shop or an ice cream bar and hire people to man them while you finish your day job.

Having a side hustle is a great way to augment your income, boost your savings, and work on your entrepreneurial skills. Who knows, you might be able to find a passion that can bring you your first million.

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