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Shopping for a Used Car: Here’s How to Get the Best Deal

A new car depreciates the moment it leaves the dealership. A year after, it loses even more value. Then, another year passes and it drops in value again. This is why some people prefer a used vehicle over a newer one because it is not only affordable but may also still be in top condition even just after a year.

However, you will need to choose the right secondhand car to get good value. So, make sure to consider the following things when you go visiting car dealerships in Newmarket.

Be a Firm and Strategic Negotiator

When you are shopping for a used car, salespeople will try their best to get the price as high as possible. They will use distractions and jargon to keep the car’s value high. Before you go to a dealership, review the model and brand you want to purchase.

Compare prices, read about its parts, check the mileage and the corresponding value, and any other details that may help. Having this information will enable you to reach a price you are comfortable paying. Be persistent and show you are firm about the price you set. Make a case for clearing space for another vehicle the dealer wants to sell when you purchase the used car on sale.

Look for One-Year-Old Cars

To get good value, try looking for a vehicle that is just a year old. As mentioned above, a car loses value the moment a person drives off with it. Within one year, a car may depreciate in value by 30% or more. Its former driver may have just driven it for around 10,000 kilometres, which will also affect its price. A one-year-old vehicle is relatively new but much cheaper.

Determine Its Use

Before you buy a used car, think of the way you will use it. Will you only be driving around the city or from town to town? Or, will you be using it for long drives on rough roads? The answers to these questions will allow you to make an informed decision. Smaller engines are more affordable because they use less power. They are ideal for city driving. On the other hand, vehicles with bigger engines use more power, use fuel efficiently, and are ideal for driving long distances.

Inspect It First

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Now, another thing you should do before you sign the contract is to inspect the used car you are buying. Check the engine, start the car, check the tires, sit inside, turn the air conditioning on, open and close the doors, and ask for a test drive. After all this, you can then purchase the vehicle.

Consider Insurance Costs

Other than the initial price of the vehicle, you also have to consider the cost of insurance. A car with cheaper parts will be more affordable to insure than a luxury model. You also have to look into available parts and possible repairs since both add to the total insurance cost.

Include all of these factors in your decision-making process to get the best possible value on a used car.

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