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Say Goodbye to Dirty Grout With These Tips

Don’t you just love it whenever you see the tile grout in your bathroom clean? Let’s face it; grout is one of the toughest ones to clean. While it keeps tiles together, it is very much prone to stain and damage because of constant exposure to water.

The best way to bring your bathroom’s grout back to its pristine condition is to work with professional tile and grout cleaning contractors to do the job for you. But there are also ways you can maintain the grout yourself. Here are some tips.

Daily Bathroom Cleaning

You need to clean your bathroom every day to keep the tiles in their prime condition. Although it may be bothersome, cleaning it every day will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and money on repairs.

All you must do is lightly spray your tiles and mirror with a mixture of vinegar and water. This solution will loosen up all the grime and dirt, so it will be easier for you to scrub them off. Doing this daily will keep your entire bathroom clean every day. Moreover, it will also reduce the time that you spend from scrubbing the tiles.

Weekly Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

Now that you are cleaning your bathroom every day, it will be much easier for you to clean it weekly. Bear in mind that aside from the floors and mirrors, you also need to spend time giving your shower or bath a deep clean. Although you may have been cleaning it daily, it would not stop all the body oils and soap residue from sticking to the surfaces.

So, try to make it habit to give your bathroom a deep clean every week or so to prevent it from looking untidy and worn out. You can use a mixture of water and baking soda and rub it in the grout using a brush. The mixture will effectively clean off any dirt and soap residue that is stuck in the bathroom tile grout. Then, rinse it off with clear water until all the extra baking soda paste is gone.
However, if you feel think that you have visible stains that are just too tough to remove, then it is best to use hydrogen peroxide to clean it thoroughly. You can spray it directly on the stain and leave it for a few minutes. Scrub it using a cleaning brush until it is all gone. You can repeat the process a few times if the stains are just too tough to remove.

If the stain still will not budge, then it is time to bring in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda paste. Use it all over the grout lines and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, scrub the area and rinse it with warm water to do the job.

Working with grout cleaning services is an excellent choice for tough stains. However, it is best to take your time in finding the best one who can help you with your needs. You can always check the Internet and look at customer reviews to gauge their quality of service.

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